Psy's "Gangnam Style" Reaches 70 Million Views on Youtube!

Psy, Gangnam Style, YouTube, YG Entertainment

Psy's "Gangnam Style" has reached 70 million views on YouTube in just 46 days. The song and music video was released on July 15 and today it reached the 70 million mark.

Psy now holds the record for the most views in the shortest amount of time. On Sunday he was at 60 million and in just 3 days hit 70 million. Girl group Girls' Generation currently holds the record for the most views with their song "Gee" which reached over 80 million views.

"Gangnam Style" has been heating up since its release and does not seem to be dying down anytime soon.

The humorous dance moves and addicting lyrics have gained attention all over the world from news, TV programs and even celebrities.

On August 15, Psy met with Justin Bieber's agency in L.A to talk about his future U.S. promotions.

Psy will be returning to L.A in September to discuss more about his U.S. activities.