Ma Boy: Episode 2

Ma Boy: Episode 2

Ma Boy: Episode 2 Recap by Dramabeans

Geu-rim gasps in shock. Irene… is a boy?

She doesn’t call a teacher after all, and Hyun-woo confirms his identity — speaking at last! — saying that he’s got his reasons for the disguise. She’s all, What reason could possibly explain this? That is a long story, so he just asks her to keep the secret.

Geu-rim protests that she’s still going to tell the teachers in the morning. Hyun-woo sighs, “Do whatever you want.” He takes his usual exit by hopping out the window.

Schoolyard. Irene huddles fearfully, surrounded by a mob of angry students, which include the girls jealous of her popularity and the boys humiliated at having liked a fraud. They hurl things, scorning, “You, a girl? Get lost! How dare you toy with people?!”

Our Head Mean Girl, Hye-ri, pulls off the wig and dumps water over Hyun-woo’s head. She leads the cheer to oust Irene from school.

This, of course, is all imagined. Geu-rim snaps back to real life — she’s mid-meeting with the principal, who welcomes her to the school in an oddly enthusiastic way, urging her to make her dreams come true. Hmm. Is she someone important?

Geu-rim overhears Tae-joon singing “A Goose’s Dream” in a rehearsal studio. It’s the same song she’d sung in class — saying it was a source of encouragement during a tough time — which spins us into flashback:

Tae-joon performs the same song at a hospital, for a group of patients. Ah, things are starting to make sense…

After he performs, he asks for a patient to sing for him and a little girl volunteers Geu-rim, outing her as a huge fan. So she gets up and sings “Over the Rainbow” in her pretty voice, which is noted by the principal in the audience.

Irene is missing from class the next day, so Geu-rim goes looking for her at her management company. The manager-hyung freaks out when Hyun-woo walks in and tries to stuff his head into a plastic bag. Yes, that’s helping.

Hyun-woo sighs that it’s fine, roommie knows all. Uncle nervously asks her to play along, since they can’t have the scandal blowing both Irene’s and Hyun-woo’s future to bits. Geu-rim isn’t thrilled about lying, but she says she doesn’t want anyone getting hurt because of her — a comment that makes Hyun-woo consider her curiously.

Geu-rim declares that fraud is still wrong, though, so her agreement to keep silent is only temporary. Only until they clean up the situation themselves. She adds another condition — so tiny, so sassy — that since the situation is going to inconvenience her life, Hyun-woo has to do everything she says. LOL.

Hyun-woo figures the upside of being outed is that he can walk around as himself in the dorm room, and the sight of him with shower-damp hair and in his undershirt has Geu-rim slapping her hands over her eyes in modesty. Then she peers between her fingers to sneak a look at all the pretty, glistening in slow-motion, soft-filtered backlighting. Why is he just as pretty as Hyun-woo as he was as Irene?

Hilariously, in the ensuing days Geu-rim ends up hovering over Irene at school, swooping in every time she thinks s/he might be in danger of discovery. (Which gets Irene’s fan club fuming at Geu-rim’s interference.) She clucks over her-him like an annoying mother hen, acting as lookout while Irene changes into gym clothes and tugging her hair to hide the Adam’s apple.

Hyun-woo protests that Geu-rim’s concern is going to draw more even attention… which isn’t wrong. She’s about as subtle as a tiptoeing elephant. Irene’s fanboys interpret their bickering as harassment, though, and plots to get back at Geu-rim, only to be stopped by Tae-joon’s fan club Tackle, who argue that they get first crack.

Tae-joon persists in courting Irene, asking her to be his dance partner for the upcoming school festival. Today, she gives him a nod yes, and he hoots in victory. So cute, you dense puppy boy.

The exchange is witnessed by Irene’s most persistent paparazzo, however, who has been snooping around the school to get at her secrets. The two mega-stars, flirting with each other? “I’ve got you now,” he crows. At least manager-hyung is on the ball, and he drags the tabloid reporter aside and confiscates his camera.