Able reveals "Mystery" MV + adds two new members

Able reveals Mystery MV + adds two new membersAfter adding two members to the line-up, Able is preparing for a return to the music scene with the release of a new album next month.

Ahead of the album release, the group members have been tweeting various teasers and pictures, but the full music video for the group's track "Mystery", was already released.

Able was originally a duo but added two members to their line-up for their upcoming comeback. While Jiyeoul is both a rapper and vocalist, Sungmin has a smooth singing voice. Both members were originally part of the hip-hop group T.Flo before being added to Able. Original members Chulwoong and Juho showed different sides, with leader Juho venturing into raps for this release.

What do you think of the group's new single and member additions?

Source: 3matin3 and unsungbyul