“Haeundae Lovers” Producer, “We Will Limit T-ARA Soyeon’s Role, We will Protect our Actors and our Drama”

Haeundae Lovers, T-ARA, Soyeon The "Haeundae Lovers" producers have opened up about the demands of removing T-ARA member Soyeon from the drama

Haeundae Lovers, , Soyeon

The “Haeundae Lovers” producers have opened up about the demands of removing T-ARA member Soyeon from the .

The producers commented, “We are quite shocked that even before the first episode of the drama begins, the ‘T-ARA crisis’ happens. At that time, we had already filmed five episodes with Soyeon in it. We do not plan to remove her from the drama just yet since there is no specific proof from the ‘T-ARA crisis’ yet.”

They continued, “However, because this ‘crisis’ is such a big issue, we will be limiting Soyeon’s role in the drama. Soyeon is having a hard time with all this going on as she is still young. We hope that her agency will somehow find a way to fix this. Soyeon is currently working very hard on her role in the drama.”

They added, “As an adult reading theses comments online, I found many of them to be a bit overboard and found myself tearing up reading a few of those. We will try to work hard to make sure these comments don’t come up.”

They ended with, “However, the main importance is to protect my drama and my actors. With this crisis, it is best to continue the drama and limit Soyeon’s parts.”

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