T-ara Eunjung's "Five Fingers" role endangered by advertising issues

T-ara Eunjung's "Five Fingers" role endangered by advertising issues

T-ara Eunjungs Five Fingers role endangered by advertising issuesAs previously reported, T-ara's Eunjung has stepped down from thier role in SBS's new drama, "Five Fingers." It was recently revealed that the reason for her departure was because of issues with sponsors and product placement.

Although "Five Fingers" initially received positive ratings of 12.7% (2nd episode), sponsors are concerned that the recent T-ara controversy will hurt the drama's ratings in the future.

A representative from SBS commented, "The issues surrounding the departure of a T-ara member ultimately helped to promote the drama since Eunjung's casting was mentioned around the same time. However, even if Eunjung might not hurt ratings, people still may not buy the products being advertised if she is in the drama, and in the advertisers' opinions, it would be a waste."

Eunjung's actual situation is unclear at the moment, since there are two sides with conflicting viewpoints. Ever since she started appearing in the drama, there had been problems between the drama's producers and the SBS staff. Right now, one side claims that nothing is decided for sure while the other side claims that Eunjung is no longer cast in her role. An emergency meeting has been called, and the SBS staff will continue discussing with the drama's producers to come to a final decision soon.

Meanwhile, T-ara's agency, Core Contents Media, has not yet released an official statement regarding Eunjung's drama role.

Source: Sports Chosun, Star In, and Tiara Diadem