Yoo Jun Sang Embarrassed by his Son

Yoo Jun Sang, R2B Actress Hong Eun Hee uploaded on her twitter this Thursday saying "R2B! It's not common that we watch dad's movie with Dongwoo

Yoo Jun Sang, R2B

Yoo Jun Sang Embarrassed by his Son

Actress uploaded on her twitter this Thursday saying “R2B! It’s not common that we watch dad’s movie with Dongwoo. Dogwoo says ‘Ah~ dad isn’t the main character. Dad’s just a character. Rain uncle is the main character!’ We kept on saying no. Son and the father walked.”

She added on saying “‘Dongwoo, look at this. Dad’s face is bigger on the poster than Rain Uncle. So the movie is about me.’ Dad had a lot to say after watching R2B. I just laughed because it was awkward.”

Internet users said “Yoo Actor and cutie. I’m going to watch the movie in the weekend too,” “Dongwoo already can compare main and side characters. Its a beautiful, professional sight,” and “they’re both so funny.”

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