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Being White in K-Pop: Chad Future’s “Hello” MV

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Its amazing how often K-Pop fans utter the words, K-Pop is truly international. Psys Gangnam Style goes viral, 2NE1 collaborates with will.iam, SNSD appears on David Letterman, and Billboard mentions K-Pop in a sentence of a 2,000 word editorialall of this is supposed to make K-Pop truly international. When K-Pop music travels out of its own sphere fans go ballistic with anticipation that this time, its going to break into the Western market. Theres no combating fans bubbling excitement when theres potential for K-Pop artists to make it big overseas.

But what about when a Westerner tries to make it big in K-Pop? More specifically a white Westerner? To what extent is K-Pop truly international, when its the other way around?

The K-Pop fandom recently got a precursor to that answer when Detroit native David Lehre, a.k.a. Chad Future, dropped his solo debut MV, Hello. Mostly in English but speckled with some Korean, the project is K-Pops first serious introduction to a white solo artist.

But much, if not most, of the response to Chad Futures K-Pop foray has been negative. And thats putting it nicely. Its counter-intuitive to think that K-Pop fans would have such averse reactions to a white Americans K-Pop debut; isnt he the epitome of K-Pop becoming truly international? But before we explore why Chad Future is getting a bad rap, lets look at the release of the Hello MV and the teasers and projects leading up to it.

Chad Future isnt a rookie to this whole being a music artist thing. In 2011, he was the leader of boy band Heart2Heart, which got its influence from K-Pop and was manned by former NSync member Lance Bass. Their debut single Facebook Official was a travesty of epic proportions. The choreography was lame, the styling was badly reminiscent of 90s boy bands, and the song was way too corny to take seriously. Which is probably why Lance Bass was quick to call it a parody after having previously calling it a serious effort.

Clearly Chad Future has ditched the boy band concept in favor of a solo endeavor. He released the first teaser for Hello earlier this month. The teaser has very little to do with the actual song, which, when you think about it, is such a troll-y K-Pop thing to do. So at least hes got that part right. The teaser and the one after that were bold statements that he was going to take on Pop, rapping, and Korean lyrics.

But can he do them all well? Judging by the response to the actual video, the answer to that has been mixed.

Hello starts off the same way Heart2Hearts Facebook Official does. With Chad dropping out of the sky and into a white room. I seriously dont understand why hed want to remind us of Facebook Official, which is probably the worst song on the planet. Youd think hed want us to forget about that. No?

Theres hot girls pulling at him, a shit load of expensive CGI, excessive closeups of his studded white jacket, a terrible rap, and one really, really bad hairstyle. Omo! Again, Chad has gotten those parts of K-Pop perfectly! One thing he doesnt get perfectly though, is Korean. Some of the verses are in Korean as well as the entire hook. But his Korean is stilted and blatantly bad. I want to give him brownie points for at least attempting, but I wont.

But what about Korean artists who sing in terrible English? you ask. If they can be bad at English, shouldnt Chad get a pass on Korean?

No. Its not comparable because Chad Future is performing within a K-Pop framework. K-Pop is Korean Pop, and hes going to have to work infinitely more on his Korean. He cant just expect to show off some fancy music video and hope that everyone will become so distracted by the glitz that theyll forget that his Korean sucks. K-Pop artists, however, have the luxury of getting away with terrible English because when all is said and done, they are Korean-language pop artists (and even then, I still criticize them, so there). But other than bad Korean skills, which the guy can work on and get better at, why have K-Pop fans taken Chad Futures debut so badly?

Is it because hes white? Probably.

But its also more than that. First off, even though Chad Future spent $100,000 on the MV (yes, his PR team boasted about the amount spent on the MV), it feels like a tacky parody. Its still got the whole Facebook Official parody vibe going on. Blame it on the bad lip synching, the girls sliding their hands up and down his cheetah print Illegal t-shirt, his dumb sunglasses in the dark, and how terribly serious hes taking himself. Is it a parody? Although the YouTube comments and other comments over the Web are asking that same question, Im starting to think that the answer to that doesnt matter. What matters is that if people are debating about whether or not your video is a parody then you should probably rethink your strategy.

But I actually dont think its a parody of K-Pop. Judging by his interviews, Chad Future genuinely loves K-Pop and has for a very long time. Watch him as he nerdily fan boys over his favorite K-Pop artists as he interviews them for Billboard Korea at last years K-Pop Masters:

However, there is an issue with his presentation in his first music video. Chad comes off as very cocky in his videos. If you watched how obnoxious he is in Hello, you wouldnt realize what a nice guy he actually is in real life. Maybe his image has something to do with him attempting to actively create what hes branded American K-Pop.

American Korean Pop? Uh, what?

Theres an entire discussion in there about what makes K-Pop, K-Pop. Is it language? Presentation? Actually being Korean? It can be off-putting to some people when some white guy comes into something thats already been established, recreates it, and deems it his (ah, where have we heard that story before?) The gall to declare that hes creating a new brand of K-Pop is almost offensive. But hes got the money and the time to do it, so he does. Its harsh and unrealistic to purport that Chads goal is to take over K-Pop. But its understandable why some fans feel protective over the genre. And they are justified in their criticism.

Ive probably listened to Hello a hundred times in order to get a feel for it. The song is terrible but the hook, like a disease, is catchy. And I could say the same thing for a lot of K-Pop music. The more I think about what Chad Future could mean for the industry, the closer I am to deciding that with all the bad, he can also bring a lot of good. Even his lyrics are full of hope and ambition:

Everybodys gonna look at you

Hes a representation of the fact that there is a huge international fan base who loves K-Pop and fully supports it. While hes gotten a lot of criticism hes also gotten a lot of praise from international fans who can live vicariously through his journey and who genuinely think that his music is good. His supporters have asked the valid question, Would people accept his music if it were coming from a Korean artist? We cant really know the answer to that but perhaps he can be part of a significant shift that can make K-Pop truly international.

What are your thoughts on Chad Future and his debut? Is this cultural appropriation at its finest or is he making a statement that K-Pop is bigger than Korea?

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Song Joong Ki Says He Wouldn’t Let His Little Sister Date Lee Kwang Soo

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Song Joong Ki Says He Wouldn’t Let His Little Sister Date Lee Kwang Soo

Song Joong Ki Says He Wouldnt Let His Little Sister Date Lee Kwang SooJiwonYu Might 28, 2016 0 On Could 27, Song Joong Ki held his 3rd fan assembly in China in Guangzhou where he discussed his little sister.

According to reports of local Chinese media present, the actor had a Q A consultation amongst the fans, delighting them with quite so much of confessions.

Especially, to one of the vital questions, If your more youthful sister loved Lee Kwang Soo, would you permit her thus far him, Song Joong Ki in an instant answers, No, no. He explains, Lee Kwang Soo is a smart friend of mine yet hes too tall. I cant enable it, to the amusement of the fans.

Watch: Eric Nam Proposes To MAMAMOO’s Sun With A Candy Surprise

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Watch: Eric Nam Proposes To MAMAMOO’s Sun With A Candy Surprise

Watch: Eric Nam Proposes To MAMAMOOs Sun alongside A CandyMarvel kminjungee Would possibly 28, 2016 0 Lovers of the Eric-Solar couple, get ableto lookprobably the most sweetest proposals on the show!

In a preview for next weeks episode of We Were given Married, the couple are taking phase ineach and every others corporatewhilst eating, when Eric Nam surprises his wife with an interactive dessert.

Unexpectedly, when MAMAMOOs Solar cracks open the large chocolate egg that Eric Nam prepared, a ring is looking ahead to her. At that moment, like the gentleman he is, Eric gets down on one knee and sweetly says, Will you marry me?

Max, Choi Si-won, Lee Dong-hae raise out responsibility on stage

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The match has been arranged by Money These days and National Knowledge Society and supported by several executive ministries and Seoul City. The campaign is to bring the alertness to the youth, about net and smartphone addiction, and just right cyber etiquette at the aspect of other meaningful comparable programs.

Park Bo Ram, Astro, JJCC also have joined the campaign. The promotional unit of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, 'Whistles' (Horuragi) carried outa collection dancing and adolescencefunctionalitygroups too stimulate joined at the stage.

Lee Dong-wook: "Received an be offering for 'Goblin', taking a look into the deal positively"

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"Goblin" is ready a 'protective goblin' who wishes a human priest to finish his immortal life, and an Angel of Death living together. The drama is a superbyetunhappy one as the goblin and the Angel of Death see the Dead off into the opposite world. The drama is predicted to depict the sad, beautiful, and bizarreday via day life.

Dumbfoundead Adds His Two-Cent in Hollywood Whitewashing Quandary in “Safe” MV

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Dumbfoundead Adds His Two-Cent in Hollywood Whitewashing Quandary in “Safe” MV

Released on Would possibly 26th PST, the music video starts amongst an Asian family, Dumbfoundead gambling the role as the father. However, it's fartransparent off the bat that they've been whitewashed. The circle of relatives proceeds to observe the Academy Awards with several hit Hollywood moviesadding Indiana Jones, Braveheart, Rapid and the Furious, Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron Man, Brady Brunch (television show), Titanic and more. He extra proves his point when he's replaced by a Caucasian actor by t he director of the production in the end.

Hollywood has been slammed for whitewashing positive lead roles as roles that initially call for actors of alternative ethnicity to play them are in its place filled by Caucasian actors instead. Contemporary examples come withthe approaching Hollywood movie remake of the vintageEastern anime Ghost In The Shell casting Scarlett Johansson as cyborg policewoman Main Kusanagi, and Tilda Swinton solid equally the Ancient One, originally a Tibetan-born man, for the upcoming Surprise film Doctor Strange.

Jessica gifts fanatics with English edition and track video for “Fly”

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Jessica gifts fanatics with English edition and track video for “Fly”

Released on Might 28th KST, the music video for the English version got here as a marvel to lovers who did now notbe expecting one for it to be released. Jessicas English mini-album was once released simultaneously with the music video on iTunes and includesall the English versions of her long-established Korean tracks rather thanPricey Diary.

Similar to the Korean version, Jessicas English lyrics for Fly will give listeners hope and a push against their dream because theres no mountain thats tough to move.

Mnet Names Their Hottest “Show Me The Money” Released Tracks of All Time

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Mnet Names Their Hottest “Show Me The Money” Released Tracks of All Time

According to media portal OSEN, the most neatly liked track turned into released in the former season by WINNERs Song Mino Worry featuring BIGBANGs Taeyang. Since its unlock in August, the track in an instant saw the pinnacle of online charts, peaking at #1 with over one millionvirtual downloads. Song Mino had several best tracks right through his appearance on Show Me The money 4 with his track with Ja Mezz and Andups Turtle Send taking 4th position equally the most popular, followed by his and Zicos OKEY DOKEY in 5th place.

iKONs Bobby, and Show Me The Cash 3 winner on the alternative hand, ranks 3rd alongside the most download with his track YGGR#HipHop with Leaptouchdown in 7th and L4L in eighth. Incredivle, Tablo and Jinuseans Oppas Vehicle ranks 2d with IRONs Malice in 6th.

Han Hyo-joo, Lee Jong-suk spotted at the set of 'W'

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In the primary image, Han Hyo-joo in the white sleeveless get dressedseems like a goddess of innocence. The 2d onesymbol captured Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo in combinationat the filming set from a distance. The 2sing their own praises their blank radiant skin and long figures even though the shot used to be taken from a distance.

Netizens showed reactions reminiscent of " Han Hyo-joo, a goddess", "Look at the tall figure of the couple", ""W" Can not wait to observe the drama!".

WINNER Says “Half-Moon Friends” Youngsters Are Like Circle of relatives To Them Now

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WINNER Says Half-Moon BuddiesChildren Are Like Circle of relatives To Them NowJiwonYu Might 28, 2016 0 WINNER has grow to be very close with the Half-Moon Peers children now!

On the newest episode of the display from May 28, WINNER and the youngstersappear to have got very close after throwing a pajama birthday celebration together.

Lee Seunghoon explains, Now that were pleased witheach and every other, the teens are beginningnot topay attention to the teachers. It makes us reproach them more often.

Daebak And massive Sis Soo Ah Display Their Love For Every Other In Candy Photos

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Daebak And large sister Soo Ah Display Their Love For Every Other In CandyFootage ilmare42 Might 28, 2016 0 Two individuals of Lee Dong Gook’s big circle of relatives are appearing only how much they love each one other in some new photos!

On May just 29, Lee Dong Gook’s wife Lee Soo Jin shared a collage of photos of her son Daebak and daughter Soo Ah to her Instagram. In the photos, the young pair wear matching adorable crimson Mickey Mouse sweaters. Soo Ah offers Daebak a kiss at thebrow in one photo, and then turns out to be tickling him as Daebak laughs fortunately at the eye and love from his big sister.

Lee Soo Jin also shared some other set of photos on May additionally 29, this time of just Daebak as he displays off his adorable aegyo whilstfiddling with bubble wrap and bubbles.