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Being White in K-Pop: Chad Future’s “Hello” MV

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Its amazing how often K-Pop fans utter the words, K-Pop is truly international. Psys Gangnam Style goes viral, 2NE1 collaborates with will.iam, SNSD appears on David Letterman, and Billboard mentions K-Pop in a sentence of a 2,000 word editorialall of this is supposed to make K-Pop truly international. When K-Pop music travels out of its own sphere fans go ballistic with anticipation that this time, its going to break into the Western market. Theres no combating fans bubbling excitement when theres potential for K-Pop artists to make it big overseas.

But what about when a Westerner tries to make it big in K-Pop? More specifically a white Westerner? To what extent is K-Pop truly international, when its the other way around?

The K-Pop fandom recently got a precursor to that answer when Detroit native David Lehre, a.k.a. Chad Future, dropped his solo debut MV, Hello. Mostly in English but speckled with some Korean, the project is K-Pops first serious introduction to a white solo artist.

But much, if not most, of the response to Chad Futures K-Pop foray has been negative. And thats putting it nicely. Its counter-intuitive to think that K-Pop fans would have such averse reactions to a white Americans K-Pop debut; isnt he the epitome of K-Pop becoming truly international? But before we explore why Chad Future is getting a bad rap, lets look at the release of the Hello MV and the teasers and projects leading up to it.

Chad Future isnt a rookie to this whole being a music artist thing. In 2011, he was the leader of boy band Heart2Heart, which got its influence from K-Pop and was manned by former NSync member Lance Bass. Their debut single Facebook Official was a travesty of epic proportions. The choreography was lame, the styling was badly reminiscent of 90s boy bands, and the song was way too corny to take seriously. Which is probably why Lance Bass was quick to call it a parody after having previously calling it a serious effort.

Clearly Chad Future has ditched the boy band concept in favor of a solo endeavor. He released the first teaser for Hello earlier this month. The teaser has very little to do with the actual song, which, when you think about it, is such a troll-y K-Pop thing to do. So at least hes got that part right. The teaser and the one after that were bold statements that he was going to take on Pop, rapping, and Korean lyrics.

But can he do them all well? Judging by the response to the actual video, the answer to that has been mixed.

Hello starts off the same way Heart2Hearts Facebook Official does. With Chad dropping out of the sky and into a white room. I seriously dont understand why hed want to remind us of Facebook Official, which is probably the worst song on the planet. Youd think hed want us to forget about that. No?

Theres hot girls pulling at him, a shit load of expensive CGI, excessive closeups of his studded white jacket, a terrible rap, and one really, really bad hairstyle. Omo! Again, Chad has gotten those parts of K-Pop perfectly! One thing he doesnt get perfectly though, is Korean. Some of the verses are in Korean as well as the entire hook. But his Korean is stilted and blatantly bad. I want to give him brownie points for at least attempting, but I wont.

But what about Korean artists who sing in terrible English? you ask. If they can be bad at English, shouldnt Chad get a pass on Korean?

No. Its not comparable because Chad Future is performing within a K-Pop framework. K-Pop is Korean Pop, and hes going to have to work infinitely more on his Korean. He cant just expect to show off some fancy music video and hope that everyone will become so distracted by the glitz that theyll forget that his Korean sucks. K-Pop artists, however, have the luxury of getting away with terrible English because when all is said and done, they are Korean-language pop artists (and even then, I still criticize them, so there). But other than bad Korean skills, which the guy can work on and get better at, why have K-Pop fans taken Chad Futures debut so badly?

Is it because hes white? Probably.

But its also more than that. First off, even though Chad Future spent $100,000 on the MV (yes, his PR team boasted about the amount spent on the MV), it feels like a tacky parody. Its still got the whole Facebook Official parody vibe going on. Blame it on the bad lip synching, the girls sliding their hands up and down his cheetah print Illegal t-shirt, his dumb sunglasses in the dark, and how terribly serious hes taking himself. Is it a parody? Although the YouTube comments and other comments over the Web are asking that same question, Im starting to think that the answer to that doesnt matter. What matters is that if people are debating about whether or not your video is a parody then you should probably rethink your strategy.

But I actually dont think its a parody of K-Pop. Judging by his interviews, Chad Future genuinely loves K-Pop and has for a very long time. Watch him as he nerdily fan boys over his favorite K-Pop artists as he interviews them for Billboard Korea at last years K-Pop Masters:

However, there is an issue with his presentation in his first music video. Chad comes off as very cocky in his videos. If you watched how obnoxious he is in Hello, you wouldnt realize what a nice guy he actually is in real life. Maybe his image has something to do with him attempting to actively create what hes branded American K-Pop.

American Korean Pop? Uh, what?

Theres an entire discussion in there about what makes K-Pop, K-Pop. Is it language? Presentation? Actually being Korean? It can be off-putting to some people when some white guy comes into something thats already been established, recreates it, and deems it his (ah, where have we heard that story before?) The gall to declare that hes creating a new brand of K-Pop is almost offensive. But hes got the money and the time to do it, so he does. Its harsh and unrealistic to purport that Chads goal is to take over K-Pop. But its understandable why some fans feel protective over the genre. And they are justified in their criticism.

Ive probably listened to Hello a hundred times in order to get a feel for it. The song is terrible but the hook, like a disease, is catchy. And I could say the same thing for a lot of K-Pop music. The more I think about what Chad Future could mean for the industry, the closer I am to deciding that with all the bad, he can also bring a lot of good. Even his lyrics are full of hope and ambition:

Everybodys gonna look at you

Hes a representation of the fact that there is a huge international fan base who loves K-Pop and fully supports it. While hes gotten a lot of criticism hes also gotten a lot of praise from international fans who can live vicariously through his journey and who genuinely think that his music is good. His supporters have asked the valid question, Would people accept his music if it were coming from a Korean artist? We cant really know the answer to that but perhaps he can be part of a significant shift that can make K-Pop truly international.

What are your thoughts on Chad Future and his debut? Is this cultural appropriation at its finest or is he making a statement that K-Pop is bigger than Korea?

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“Running Man” PD Explains Why The Korea-China Reunion Won’t Be Shown In Korea

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“Running Man” PD Explains Why The Korea-China Reunion Won’t Be Shown In Korea

PD Lee Hwan Jin explained, “Although we are in discussions appropriate now, the chance is primethat you're going tonow not be readyto observe this episode in Korea. First off, the ideas between the Chinese and Korean versions are so different. The picture of the 2displaysis totallyother from each and every other. Every othertrouble is that it's mileschallengingto discovera published fourth dimensionin additionunderstanding the language barrier in the show. The Korean cast joined the episode to assist out the Chinese cast members. It changed into a amusingatmosphere and a satisfied collaboration yeton account of the air time, it can be trickyto turn it in Korea.”

The Chinese cast members got here to Korea with the episode idea of “Spending a holiday in Korea” and enjoyed their time in Gapyung along side the Korean cast members. PD Lim Hyung Taek led this reunion.

Meanwhile, at theMay just 1 episode of the show, the “Goo-Won” couple will be reunited, as Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won, of the wildly popular drama “Descendants of the Sun” superstar as visitors on the show.

Upcoming Korean film "Waiting For The Snow"

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Added the approaching Korean film "Waiting For The Snow"'s page to HanCinema database"Waiting For The Snow" (2015)Directed through Jang Hee-cheolWith Lee Hyo-rim, Bae Jin-man, Kang Seong-gook,...SynopsisJust stepped into society, Sunwoo gets inebriated at the primarycorporatecollecting and encounters Seong-gook whom she walks around with in the process the night. A warm-hearted movie amongsthabitual events.Release date in Korea : 2016/05/12

Watch: Sechs Kies Make Their Long-Awaited Reunion On “Infinite Challenge”

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Watch: Sechs Kies Make Their Long-Awaited Reunion On “Infinite Challenge”

On the March 30 episode of MBC typedisplay “Infinite Challenge,” after polishing off their Hanamana matchfunctioning at a dual carriagewayleisurepreventin addition at a folk village, Sechs Kies make it to their ultimate destination at the Sangam Global Cup stadium. Sechs Kies members record audio messages for their fans and just five hours sooner than the event, the functionality is at last promoted during the “Infinite Challenge” Twitter page. The members acquire in the dressing room as they wonder about how many fans may be in a position to make it, eitherfearful every bitsmartly as excited.

Lee Jae Jin, who is totally anxious, says, “It’s no longeronly one or two years yet sixteen years that experience passed and so my self assurance has reduced in size only as much.” Regardless of his concerns, however, fans listen some the concert thru Twitter and one at a time make their way to the stadium.

Finally, the 6th member of Sechs Kies, Go Ji Yong, seems in front of the opposite members. Go Ji Yong has now not made a unmarried broadcast appearance since their disbandment, leaving the entertainment industry and achieving good fortune in the company world. As he comes in, the other members burst out in massive smiles. Go Ji Yong says, “Through “Infinite Challenge,” I'm hoping that our members will be capable ofadvertise more actively. Even though information technology doesn’t pertain to me, I do sincerely hope that for the other members,” appearing his choice for their reunion.

4 Hit Dramas That Broadcasters Are Sorry They Overlooked Out On

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4 Hit Dramas That Broadcasters Are Sorry They Overlooked Out On

4 Hit Dramas That Broadcasters Are Sorry They Ignored Out Onorionight April 30, 2016 0 It’s difficult for a broadcaster to inform how neatly a drama will do earlier than information technology airs, so they have got to measure the prospectivedangers of a undeniable drama before agreeing to air it. As a result ofsure factors, a broadcaster can turn down a drama, yet in doing so they do no longer know whether they’re turning away a gigantic money-makers.

1. “Descendants of the Sun” (KBS)

Okay, we all saw this coming. To get started with proposed to fellow public broadcaster SBS, KBS ended up with the displaying rights to the record-smashing hit. So why did SBS turn down “Descendants of the Sun”? They concept that the topics of crisis and war wouldn’t take a seat well with viewers, no longer to mention the environment would make product placement (PPL) more difficult, which means lost ad revenue. Plus, the hefty investment required for the drama scared them off.

Watch: B1A4 Member Sandeul Displays He's As Type As He Is Talented

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Watch: B1A4 Member Sandeul Displays  He's As Type As He Is Talented

Watch: B1A4 Member Sandeul DisplaysHe's equallyType As He Is Talentedboxclub April 30, 2016 0 B1A4 member Sandeul’s abilities as a singer are well-known yet he also showed how kind and figuring out he is at thecontemporary episode of MBC’s Duet Song Festival.”

On the April 29 episode of the MBC range program, singers competed opposed to OST queen Lyn for an opportunity to win on the show, adding Stephanie, Ken of VIXX, and Defconn. Sandeul and unmarriedmom Cho Sun Young are the 5th contestants on the show. The 2 of them make a choice to sing “As One Says” which changed into popular in the process the “Infinite SituationTrack Festival” when Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Juk sang it.

Sandeul introduces the song, saying, “This song represents Sun Young noona’s heart,” as he starts the song with his mild voice. Cho Sun Young follows soon afterwards, her feelings intertwined with her vocals.

Who Are The woman Team Contributors Who Would Prevail As A Solo Singer?

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Who Are The woman  Team  Contributors Who Would Prevail As A Solo Singer?

EXIDs SoljiGirl group EXID member Solji is the “female Hwang Chi Yeol, having shown that much achievement on music rivalry shows. In particular, she seemed on “King of Mask Singer” when it was just a pilot prove as a New Year special and endured her lead at the show till information technologyhave becomenormal programming. Not just on “King of Mask Singer” but also on “Duet Song Festival,” she has been ready to stay her name as the singing queen. Even giving vocal courses to the guinea pig PD on “My Little Television,” Solji is understood to were a vocal teacherahead of her debut as an idol group member.

Every unmarried member of talented girl group MAMAMOO has talented qualifications in singing and performing. Thoughmajor vocal Sun has already debuted with her solo task “Solar’s Emotion,” the public has recently came upon the charm of member Wheein as well. Her vocal skills are a given but Wheein also has the charms that might existcapable of captivate the public and raise even more interest in her as a solo singer.

Just like Solji, Wheein has been active on music competition shows. She won on the Thanksgiving special for “Duet Song Festival,” and recently took on a senior in the music industry when she starred on “King of Mask Singer.” She has a hilariously entertaining charm and just like how she showed us with her featuring on songs with Kim Heechul, Geeks Louie, and CNBLUE, there is an absolutely new picture that she presentations United Statesexcept for MAMAMOO.

Korean film "Next Door Husband and Wife"

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Added the Korean film "Next Door Husband and Wife"'s page to HanCinema database"Next Door Husband and Wife" (2016)Directed through Gi Dae-hoWith Lee Eun-mi-I, Park Jeong-hwan, Kang Seong-min-I, Ah Ri,...Synopsis'The couples have changed! With each and every other!'Eun-ji and Seung-ho, Seong-sik and Joo-ran pass into an area at an identical times. Eun-ji is lonely as a result of her husband's widespread late-nights and Seong-sik looks afterthe homewhilst his wife works. One day, Seong-sik is going over to Eun-ji's residenceto go back a kityetfinally finish up drinking wine with her. Seong-sik drunkenly kisses Eun-ji and the 2 spend an evening in every one others' arms. They continue to fulfill secretly like that and one day lie to their husband and wife and leave on a shuttle together. However, Seong-sik returns house because his pipes have burst and Eun-ji witnesses her husband and the girl next door, Joo-ran in bed together. A couple of months later, Seong-sik, Eun-ji, Seung-ho and Joo-ran run into one another but with other partners...Are you living with the only y'all love?Release date in Korea : 2016/04/28

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Fans Claim Red Velvet Joy’s Newest  Coiffure Is Her Easiest Ever After Seeing New Photos

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AMAZING Dating Between Girls’ Generation And Two times Leaves Enthusiasts HAPPY

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AMAZING Dating Between Girls’ Generation And Two times Leaves Enthusiasts HAPPY

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