Upon Hearing Suzy’s English Accent, Foreigner Shelby Comments “It Has A Country Feel”

Suzy, Miss A, Invincible Youth 2, English Upon Hearing Suzy's English Accent, Foreigner Shelby Said "It Has A Country Feel" Suzy's English pronunciation made people laugh

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Upon Hearing Suzy's English Accent, Foreigner Shelby Said "It Has A Country Feel"

Suzy’s English pronunciation made people laugh. 

On “Invincible Youth 2″ miss A Suzy spent time with ‘Invincible Youth Tour’ guest, Shelby. They spent fun time touring around Korea’s sights.

On this day, Suzy, Shelby, Kim Shin Young, and Bora all rode on the bus together. Kim Shin Young asked Shelby, “Pronounce Manhattan,” and the G5 members copied her. After hearing Suzy’s English pronunciation, Shelby said, “She is the best at it,” and complimented her. She added, “It sounds like someone from the country-side’s pronunciation,” and made people laugh. 

Suzy was happy with the compliment but also embarrassed at the same time.

Photo Credit: KBS



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