Girls Generation Hyoyeon Mistaken For Foreigner

Girls Generation, Hyoyeon, Invincible Youth 2 Hyoyeon was mistaken to be a foreigner. On Saturday's episode of "Invincible Youth", the cast took the time to show a foreigner guest around to Seoul's best tourist locations that represent Korean culture

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Girls Generation Hyoyeon Mistaken For Foreigner

Hyoyeon was mistaken to be a foreigner.

On Saturday’s episode of “Invincible Youth”, the cast took the time to show a foreigner guest around to Seoul’s best tourist locations that represent culture. 

The team consisted of Lee Young Ja, Hyoyeon, and Yewon taking around one guest and the other team was Boom, Kim Shin Young, , Bora, taking another guest. They all headed to Duk Su Palace in the middle of Seoul.

The teams, while asking people around the city and one pedestrian asked Hyoyeon, ‘Where are you from?’ mistaking her for a foreigner. She responded, “I’m Korean!” and exclaimed that she was embarrassed, making the people around her laugh at the situation. 

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