Gaksital: Episode 22

Gaksital: Episode 22

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 22 Recap by Softy

Starts from gaksital listing Park’s crimes and how he came to make Park pay. Then he kills park

K changes and goes back to the station and S is sitting there waiting. S stands up and they face each other. S walks over and K speaks first. He says sorry when I go home I come in like this. did everyone go somewhere. S says they went on duty and asks for some ice coffee. K asks if he wants a lot of ice. S smiles and says yes.

S goes back into his office and says in his head- you think you can deceive me till the end. Just wait and see, I will take your mask off with my own hands. K knocks and comes in with his coffee. S invites him to sit. S asks for some help. With gaksital’s case. K asks what S is going to do. S says I am going to die cuz of what happened yesterday. I am afraid of another bombing. K says make lackey do it but S says don’t you want get your position back. Do you want any help. K says no just get lackey off my back. Lackey comes in and says park was attacked by gaksital. S tells him that K is going to be in charge of gaksital. lackey asks why

K goes out and gets a call from D. she tells him to go now to the tailor and there will be a guest he will be glad to meet. He says I will go now. K leaves and lackey calls the spy officer to follow K but S says no. it’s more important to catch K off his guard

K goes there and meets with DS. They go in together and the tailor is confused that DS took K inside. a woman welcomes K and says the teacher has been waiting. DS says the teacher wanted to meet K a lot.

When they go in Yang is writing something. the woman gets his attention. Yang stands and smiles at K. K introduces himself. Please accept my formal bow. Yang stops him and says what bow. He hugs K and says thank you.

Over tea and potatoes, Yang says it’s his mom’s potato so it will be delicious. The woman offers to peel it but Yang says I will do it. DS says how much Yang wanted to do this ever since he came to the capitol. He feeds K. K cries as he eats thinking of the last time his mom brought potatoes for snacks for his hyung and K. back when K was drying his hyung’s shoes under his arm pits. How they shoved potatoes into each other’s mouths. He keeps crying more so yang gives him water. K eats more and keeps crying.

Lee’s son is getting drunk. He makes the girl pour more beer. He pulls another girl onto his lap. He says call the madam. I grew up without my own father telling me to go away. Waiter says how many days have you been doing this. Lee’s son says are you looking down on me too. I am cowardly so what are you going to do. Waiter says is that anything to brag about. Our madam is with an important visitor. Lee’s son repeats important visitor

Madam is talking to the new guy about the reporter song that was caught yesterday. Lee jr goes in and asks if she has a new boyfriend. Is that why you reacted so strongly. He asks who the guy is. The guy knocks him out. the waiter comes in and the guy says see you again. Waiter says call me anytime you need my help. Take care of yourself. madam tells him to get rid of Lee jr

K tells Yang how they know that Yang is here. why did you come here facing such danger. Yang says I came to meet dong jin. The woman says yang didn’t want any more young people to die so Yang came himself. Yang says I have to find dong jin and combine his strength and mine and do something together

The other guy comes in and says dong jin didn’t get the letter that yang wanted to meet cuz that song was captured

The spy officer is whipping the reporter guy and S says stop. S says to him to talk. The reporter talks back. S brings up the flags he passed out. S makes the officer take the reporter’s clothes off. So the reporter is in his underwear. The officer finds a note in the lining of his clothes. S reads the letter. The grandpa is coming …that letter the madam read. S guesses the grandpa is yang and Jin ajussi is dong jin. S laughs cuz he broke the code.

Taro repeats yang wants to meet dong jin – to do what. Yoshi and taro talk about yang and dong jin. Taro tells S find either yang or dong jin – no matter what you have to stop them from meeting. S says ok

K says he will try to talk to song the reporter. DS asks if he can cuz song thinks K is the enemy. Yang gives him a note to show song. that way song will know K is with yang. But if song remembers yang’s handwriting. The woman says how yang’s handwriting has changed cuz he got shot so his right hand shakes. K promise to find out

K goes to meet song to investigate but S calls him. K comes up with a connection to gaksital –how song could know him. S thinks in his head K is making up a story to meet song. S watches as K goes to the file room and read a file- it’s info about their suspects with photo. He looked up dong jin

S goes inside and looks at what K looked up. he says in his head how K looked up dong jin’s file. is K really on the same side as yang. Is he really gaksital.

Park junior asks for UH to catch his father’s killer. H says sorry I didn’t know gaksital would kill park. UH warns if another kishokai member dies then H has to die. UH promises park jr to avenge his father’s death. UH tells H to do better.

K walks by the interrogation room and no one is around. He goes downstairs. Song is missing.

S goes to meet H and tells Jun to get out of the way. S says to H: I am going to ask you for the last time. you know I can meet your dad behind this room. You know he wont be lenient on his daughter right. You know K is gaksital right. She says he lost his reason cuz he is crazed over a girl. she says how gaksital got hurt during the fight so I confirmed it and checked and K didn’t have any injury and it was clean. S doesn’t believe it. she says you think I am lying. He yells again how did you confirm it. she says ask masako (that gisang)

S goes and asks her if H and K met. She says how they drank not too long ago and K got drunk so H asked her to take care of him.

S goes and gets drunk and remembers H saying he is crazy over a girl and lost his sense of reason

K tells baek how dong jin doesn’t have family cuz they were blown up. yesterday there was a Korean flag incident. Baek thinks that may be a way to meet dong jin. K says yang has to meet dong jin to do something so I have to do my best to make them meet

Lee and his wife meet with taro. (I got distracted and forgot to listen cuz lee’s wife is the same actress from AGD and I just now realized that.)

S tells lackey to call that circus girl (spy girl)

Spy girl is about to leave but she sees K coming so she hides

D, sunwha, and the man are doing laundry and sunwha talks about how they waved the Korean flag and how good it made her feel inside. D asks to see the flag again. Sunwha takes it out and shows her. D wonders how they made this. sunwha says dong jin organization made it. K comes in so the man hides the flag. K asks to see D. sunwha worries K saw the flag. D says don’t worry.

D and K meet in the room. They sit and he says what to do. I want to listen to yang’s request but there isnt a way to find out. she asks what yang asked. K says how yang and dong jin need to meet and do something. she says how she met a man with dong jin’s group so if they meet that man maybe we can meet dong jin. K says you should meet him and try to find out. wont it be dangerous. She says what K is doing is way more important

S meets with the spy girl. He says spy well who D is meeting. She says D stays at the motel and K visits often. S: often? In his head he says K is going to D to find out info. S pays her more and says starting from now be D’s shallow and write down where she goes and when she meets K.

S puts his kishokai ring on

D and sunwha go to the market to look for Kim. Spy girl follows them. D asks if sunwha can remember that guy’s face. Sunwha says yes. They wonder how to find him. D spots the spy girl so D tells sunwah to wait here – I am going to meet a friend. D goes after the spy girl. Spy runs off. D catches her and asks why did you run away. The girl denies running. D warns her how S could turn on her. is money more important than your life. she says what could have happened with the circus girls without gaksital’s help. Spy girls says I will take care of myself so you don’t worry about it

Kim finds sunwha and asks what her name is cuz I was curious. Sunwha calls for D. D says it’s good to meet you. are you from dong jin’s group. Kim says yes you are DS’s daughter aren’t you. he says don’t you remember me last time. she says yes.

D calls K and says sunwah found the guy in dong jin’s group. K says you did well. Where are those friends now. K hangs up

Leader jo cant believe K is helping them. D says if S bothers Jo then K wont leave that alone. Jo says we have a good back support.

S goes to meet UH. He kneels in front of him and asks is it ok if I kill your daughter. UR knows who gaksital is and wont reveal him. UH says I told you to catch Yang. S says we can catch gaksital and yang together if we catch him. S says this is the chance to catch them

The new guy offers to go cuz dong jin knows his face. K says I will go and make sure it’s safe. Yang says he wont know you but K says he will know gaksital.

Gaksital rides through the woods and Kim waits for him. D told him that he will meet the person who needs to meet dong jin. Gaksital rides up. kim asks are you the one who needs to meet dong jin. He hugs gakistal and says do you know how much I like you. thank you. gaksital says what about dong jin

There are men in black doing fight training. Kim rides up with gaksital. he gives dong jin the letter. Dong jin says he is going to help song escape but gaksital says I will help song escape. You have something to do with yang. Leave it up to me. They shake hands on it

*dong jin is played by that actor from baker king so he is good friends with joowon

K passes out papers for the meeting and abe thanks him. S coughs and acts like he has a cold. S asks if lackey brought song back. Lackey says yes we brought him back. S tells him to transfer song. S acts sick and calls off the meeting and says he is going to see yoshi.

S asks yoshi to empty out. he asks if S found out anything. S says if my plans work I can capture yang. Yoshi asks are you not going to tell me your plan. You better succeed.

K calls the new guy and about song being moved. S comes downstairs and tells K I am going home early to rest so see you tm. He pretends to cough some more.

Lackey takes song and some officers onto a truck.

Gaksital stands in the road and blocks their path. He knocks out the driver and hits the lackey before he can shoot. The new guy jumps down and fights off the officers on the truck. He shoots the spy officer and frees song. gaksital fights off the last officer as the new guy takes song away. But then UH’s guard shows up and cuts gaksital. Gaksital is getting beat up pretty badly by this old bald guy. Gaksital finally limps away, but it’s like UH’s guy let him go.

Gaksital is bleeding and staggering down the empty street alley. He drops his flute and passes out. S walks over in a black suit. He looks at gaksital on the ground. S bends down and removes the mask and looks at his friend’s face.

Gaksital: Episode 22