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The Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 2 (Screenshot Recap)

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The Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 2 (Screenshot Recap)

Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 2 Cast:

Kim Hee Sun as Yoo Eun Soo

Ryu Duk Hwan as King Gong Min

Park Se Young as Princess Nogook

Shin Eun Jung as Hwa Soo In

Lee Byung Joon as Jo Il Sin

Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 2 Video preview

The Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 2 Video preview Eng Sub

Choi Young: As the warrior of this nation, I am for the people …

Choi Young: As the King of this nation, I believe you should be different from us.

Choi Young: That is my belief.

King Gonmin: The heavens still protect this nation. Is it alright to believe so?

Yoo Eun Soo: That person is even weirder…

Yoo Eun Soo: Can you speak English?

Yoo Eun Soo: How is this [movie] set so big?!

Jo Il Shin: Capture that woman!

Choi Young: Who dare lookdisregard my name?! Come out and block me!

Ki Chul: No matter how much I think, they are dispensable.We started it. Don’t you think we ought to finish it?

The Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 2 Recap by sapphire148

There is some brief preview from yesterday's episode, when the heaven's gate is open and the advisor told King GM to ask CY to go inside and bring God Doctor to them and cure Princess NG. King GM said, "even though you said you don't trust me, but please help me this time." CY said, "if you give me the order, then I will."

Eum Ja (EJ) said, "let's protect the king. Let's go first." But King GM said, "I'll wait here. I'll wait for him." Suddenly something happened. "Stay back!" "Stay back!!" they said, and suddenly CY appear with ES!!! ES seems so clueless. She tried to run away and wanted to go back to the heaven's gate, but CY grabbed her hands.

They all went to the place where Princess NG lie down. CY said, " what are you doing? quick! cure her!" JB explained to ES about what happened to the princess and asked her to cure the princess. But, ES said, "Ah!!!! I got it now. You all dress like this!! you guys are having a historical drama filming, right?? and there is an incident, right?? It's OK, you can just call 119 (Korean version of 911), they will handle her, OK?" She tried to find her phone, but CY told her that this is not an illusion. She has no choice except to do the operation and save the princess. She started to prepare her tools, sterilize herself, and start the operation. She was asking for the tool, but noone understand what she is talking about. But CY remember about the operation she did in the exhibition, and he helped her to take the tools. CY even fell asleep and when he is awake, ES was almost finished. Unfortunately, there is a palace maid that report what happen to a guy (I think she is a spy), and the guy doesn't seem happy to hear that.

After finishing the surgery, ES told CY, "I've done what I need to do, but I am not responsible for what will happen, since this is done outside the hospital. So just check everything, check her temperature, sterilize the stitch often, and if there is an infection..i'm not responsible for that..." and she tried to run away...but!!! the door is locked!! CY asked her to come back and she is making excuses to the king, but the King said, "the operation you just did just saved a nation.." So he wanted her to be responsible fully I think.

The advisor told the King, "wasn't it amazing? this is what heaven's will. Did you see how she cure and save the princess? If we save her, Goryeo can be stronger!"

The Kind said, "For this nation, this is more important than personal interest."

Meanwhile somewhere, a person was making some oil treatment for Gi Cheol (GC), and you guys know??? that oil was made from cockroach, and this guy apply it to GC's skin...yuckssss.. im pretty sure this is the bad guys part...

GC said, " No matter what, there is nothing that we should be pity for. So, what we started, we have to finish it." (I think he is making a plan to destroy Goryeo nation).

There are some officials gathering in a temple, talking about a secret letter. They are talking about how they are going to be the next 'Won' nation and Won nation will be vanished.

Meanwhile in the room, ES was trying to find signal for her phone. The maid came in to tidy up the room, and she asked her, "do you know where the ATM is? Can you help me? If you help me, I'll give you some money. How much do you want? $500? $1000? $2000? But the maid was just smiling and open the padlock for her.

CY is waiting outside and the other guard ask whether they should check her room, but CY said, "there will be an order soon from the majesty, so let's not disturb her. She is sleeping." But the guard see that the door is opened, so he checked and she is not in the room anymore!! So he chased her to the town.

In town, ES are trying her best to run away and to survive, she asked the people there, "do you speak english? nihao?" and she also asked, "do you knw where I can find public phone? Dian Hua? Dian Hua!!" but noone understand what she is talking about.

She knows that she is being chasen, so she hid between some fabric and they couldnt find her.

Meanwhile, CY and other guards are going somewhere to take the hostage they have from the enemy. The guard reported to him that they lost ES, so CY tried to look for her too. While everyone is busy looking for her, the palace maid came in to the princess room, and she took out something (maybe to hurt the princess), but EJ came in and she couldn't do it. FAIL.

ES tried to ran away, but she was caught by some bad guys (it's GC's people) CY saw the shoe heel on the ground and they are now trying to find her. They also see some blood, but he is just thinking about what happen and he explained that it's not ES blood. CY seems to know where she is kidnapped.

CY went to see a drunken ajussi that are sleeping, and he asked him, "where did you got this wine?! tell me! how did you get this wine??!" He threatened him buy putting his face into the water."

Meanwhile, ES is now kidnapped by the bad guys, and they cover her mouth with a cloth so she can't scream. She can see that someone is looking for her, but she just can't move and scream.

CY is there!!!! and the bad guys are fighting him. But OF COURSE he can beat him easily. So the bad guy said something (in a foreign language), "I'll tell you everything." He showed CY baskets of bombs. CY knows that those bad people are trying to after the King and they already started. So they rushed themselves to go back and save the King.

In the motel, EJ is checking all the security, but the security standing by at the rooftop didnt reply. The bad guys already killed them!! So he blowed a whistle for the alert, but it's too late!! They already went in. They throw these poison gas (the ones that I thought bombs earlier hehehe) and everything is like chaos there. So they now tried to move the princess to a save place, while all the warriors are fighting the enemies.

The palace maid are showing them direction to a saver place for the princess, and that traitor bitch bring her and JB outside. The enemies are chasing them, and while JB are fighting the enimes, that maid tried to stab the princess, when the princess woke up! She was surpried, and JB, using his inner power, take the knife off from her hand. So they fail to kill the princess again.

Meanwhile, the officials are having discussion about whether Goryeo and Won nations should be reunited to be a stronger nation. Some of them didn't disagree because they are afraid this will lead to the end of Goryeo nation (since Won is much stronger). While they are discussing, someone locked the door from outside and throw the poison gas into the room.

CY is still looking for ES all over the place where the bad guys kidnap her. They still couldn't find her, when suddenly ES' phone rang. She has a very funny ringtone! It says, "Give me rice! Give me rice!" So they finally found her, and managed to kill the kidnapper. She was crying like a kid, and CY untie her hands and mouth. CY said, "I told you to trust me and not to run away. Let me see your face." But she said, "Stay away from me. Don't touch me." CY said, "The princess is now awake. So as what I have promised you, I will return you back safely." OHHHHH so romantic!!

They went back to the heaven's gate, and he showed her that if she go to the gate, she will arrive at the temple. CY said and bowed to her, "I already gave you a lot of trouble." She was about to go back to the gate, when the advisor said, "You can't go back!" CY said, "Who dare to ignore me, a Goryeo warrior??!!! I will send her back!" But the advisor said, "It's an order, from the majesty." Right after he heard that, he had no choice except to drag her back.

She said, "let me go! let me go!" but it's too late!! the heaven's gate is already closed! He told the advisor, "I already did your majesty's order." ES got super mad!!!! She said, " you promised me!! you promised that you will return me back!!! I will kill you!!!" She took the sword and stab it to his stomach, but he didnt avoid her!!!!! (I guess because he can't keep his promise, so he thinks it's worth his life) he even stabbed the sword deeper to his own body!!! Watda??!!!

So now ES felt guilty for stabbing her, and she is determined to save him. She even ignore the advisor's invitation to meet the King.

ES said, "I won't go. If you die, It means I am a murderer. I can't leave you." And this bastard advisor did a VERY mean thing to CY!!!! He just took the sword off from his body, and it even hurts him more!!!! Ohhhh its soooo cruel!!! how can he do that!!!! She ignored them and said, "Prepare the operation now" so the guard run to where the king is now and tried to take the operation tools. The King said, "don't go. this is an order." But the guard said, " I can't accept your order. So you can kill me." But the princess suddenly said, "Go. I give you an order to go. I will save the life of the person who saved my life."

They move CY to a better place, and CY keep telling her to leave the place and save herself. But ES said, "I'll let you know the order. First, I will save you, then, it's my business whether I will live or die here." She wanted to do the operation, but the guard already broke a bottle of anesthesia earlier. She asked, whether they have other substitute..but of course they don't have!!

So JB tried to make his own "anesthesia". They use that thing to make CY unconsious. So now he fell asleep. She tried to cut his stomach, but JB didn't let her do it. She said, "If you don't let me do it, then how would I cure him??!!!" JB said, "why should I trust you??" ES said, "because, I'm a person, coming down from the heaven..."

Faith - The Great Doctor Episode 2 Screenshot

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Taeyeon Soothes with “Rain”

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Taeyeon Soothes with “Rain”

Taeyeon Soothes with RainWritten by ability of Chelsea On February 10, 20162016 is already shaping up to be moderately the jam-packed year for SM Entertainment. As neatly as their already complete line-up of artists, the corporate announced their plan to debut the dynamic new boy assignment NCT, besides equally a new weekly unlock series known as Studio. For the Studio series, Lee Soo-man ambitiously announced the companys plan to release a new virtualunmarriedeach and every week for a complete year. The primary artist to kick off the single fest would be 2015s damage out solo artist, SNSDs Taeyeon.

Much like glaringpossible choices for SNSD members to cross solo, Taeyeon may bethe maximum obviousselection for artists to kick off a new electronic campaign. SM hasn't ever excelled in digital sales, yet Taeyeon has the talent, fan base and vastcharmthat permits her to wreck the SM digital barriers. When the 1st teaser was once released, enthusiastslearned they were in for a song more jazzy, slow and in all probabilitya bit of gloomier than its predecessor, I.

At first listen, Rain feels awful upbeat for any suchdespair song. Taeyeons jazzy vocals and the glossy instrumentation lull listeners into a tranquil night time rain, best to break their hearts with painful memories. The track, however, isnt about moping; its about the slow procedure of moving on, the style memories linger and to find us in at the oddest moments.

BTS and A Red take the gold medals in 400m relay race at '2016 Idol Famous person Athletics Championship'

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BTS and A Red take the gold medals in 400m relay race at '2016 Idol Famous person Athletics Championship'

The 400m relay race was once aired on February 10, and A Pinkmanaged to have the maximum efficient teamwork and the fastest speeds, winning the gold medal. EXIDcame in second, and G-Friendwon the bronze at third.

K.Will, JungGiGo, Joo Young, and BrotherSu 'Cook for Love' in new MV teaser!

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K.Will, JungGiGo, Joo Young, and BrotherSu 'Cook for Love' in new MV teaser!

The 4 artists printed their track video teaser for "Cook for Love", which they megastar in themselves. As the name suggests, the song is readyany personappearing their love by way of cooking something special. The singers star in the MV themselves, and each and every get in a position to make a delectable treat.

Did Jaekyung divulge Rainbow's upcoming name song?

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Did Jaekyung divulge Rainbow's upcoming name song?

The Rainbow leader shared the photo above, which provideslovers more of a glance at the woman group's comeback ideain addition the free up date! Their album 'Prism' is scheduled for a February 15th release just in time for Valentine's Day.

She also posted the message, "#Rainbow #Whoo #20160215," making fans come to the belief that "Whoo" is the most likely championship of Rainbow's comeback title track. DSP Mediapreviously asked you to guess, yetwe will still mustwatch for updates!

Jun Ji Hyun Provides Birth To Little one Boy

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Jun Ji Hyun Provides Birth To Little one Boy

Jun is married to banker Choi Joon Hyuk, who works at the Bank of America's Seoul branch. Even supposingnow not a celebrity, Choi does have some well known relatives. He's the grandson of hanbok clothier Lee Young Hee, who opened the Lee Young Hee Korea Museum in Ny City. He is the son of favor designer Lee Jung Woo and the brother of Choi Joon Ho, a member of the k-pop team X-Large. Choi's father runs an asset control company.

In true k-drama taste Jun Ji Hyun and Choi Joon Hyuk were possibly fated to fulfill as they've known each and every other since they were children.They grew up in the similar neighborhood, yet lost touch till they were reintroduced via a mutual acquaintance.

The couple married in 2012. In an interview she acknowledged it used to be his boldness that won her over. He proposed by telling her to bring her passport on a date. They ended up traveling to Japan where he asked her to marry him.

Which woman staff took the gold in archery at the '2016 Idol Big name Athletics Championship'?!

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Which woman  staff took the gold in archery at the '2016 Idol Big name Athletics Championship'?!

MBCaired the women's pageant on February 10 after yesterday's co-ed battle, and the ladyteams who competed this night were undoubtedly up to the challenge. 4minuteand EXIDwent nose to nose in the semi-finals, and it used to bea tricky battle. 4minute's Jiyoonfaltered, getting fourissues in two shots, wasting the circularopposed to Hyerin. Sohyun, however, stuck up with nine and 10 points, yet EXID's Hyerin took the win with her ultimate arrow, getting 10 points.

In the general battle, it became EXID against Red Velvet, who had defeated MAMAMOOin the semi-finals. EXID's Soljistarted with 6 features and ended with 10, and Yerishot five and 7, hanging EXID in the lead. Red Velvet's Irenedid excellent, shooting 9, 9, and 6, but they still were not able to defeat EXID.

BIGBANG’s T.O.P Hilariously Impersonates Hollywood Stars

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BIGBANG’s T.O.P Hilariously Impersonates Hollywood Stars

BIGBANGs T.O.P Hilariously Impersonates Hollywood Starsorionight February 10, 2016 0 BIGBANG is well known for some in theirfoolish antics, and member T.O.P isn't any different. On February 10, the rapper uploaded a sequence of videos channeling some of Hollywoods maximum iconic stars.

T.O.P shared more than one videos to his non-public Instagram, the usage of what seems like a cellular app to superimpose his own face onto footage of noted Hollywood stars. From Robert De Niro to Johnny Depp, T.O.P obviously had a little too much amusing messing around with the app.

Find out the winner of the men's 60m race at the '2016 Idol Superstar Athletics Championship'!

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Find out the winner of the men's 60m race at the '2016 Idol Superstar Athletics Championship'!

BTS' Jungkook, Snuper's Woosung, BTOB's Minhyuk, MONSTA X' Jooheon, NU'EST's Baekho, and Big Star's Sunghakcompeted in the general match. Each person expected Jungkook to take position in the gold medal race, yet Woosung took audienceviamarvel by coming in 2d and taking the silver medal. In the beginning place used to be BTOB's Minhyuk as expected!

Lee Hyun Woo’s Fanatics Send Food Truck to “Moorim School” Movie Site

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Lee Hyun Woo’s Fanatics Send Food Truck to “Moorim School” Movie Site

Lee Hyun Woos Fanatics post Food Truck to Moorim CollegeMovieWebsite orionight February 10, 2016 0 Fans of Lee Hyun Woo showed their strengthen for his existing role in the KBS drama Moorim School by way of sending him a food assist truck!

On February 10, Lee Hyun Woos firm Key East Entertainment released a photo of the actor with the truck, which served coffee. The coffee truck used to be branded after Lee Hyun Woos persona from Moorim School, Yoon Shi Woo. The truck arrived to the film site for the drama, which turned intothese days shortened to 16 episodes from the normal 20.

Lee Hyun Woo said, Despite the reality thatthe elements is cold, I felt the heat of the fans hearts. The Moorim School body of workers and I are all ready to experience filming thanks to the fans. I lengthen my gratitude to the entire fans who at all times support me.

Netizens stunned at uniform burst on Produce 101

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Netizens stunned at uniform burst on Produce 101

Is this why they statedthe entire men are going to vote for her??Wheres her bra??What is this about Mnet telling them no longer to wear the rest underneath?Are you certain they told them now not to wear anything?It sounds as if they did yetthe complete others sneaked anything underneath she will have to take merely listened to themShe most definitely didnt even realizeI knew something like this was going to take place soon ㅠㅠ Source: Instiz