[KBS 2TV New drama Chakannamja (Good Man)] Mun Chae-won captivates viewers with his charismatic rider fashion

[KBS 2TV New drama Chakannamja (Good Man)] Mun Chae-won captivates viewers with his charismatic rider fashion

In the new drama “Only one good man in the world” (hereafter Chakannamja), to be aired in September on KBS 2TV on Wednesday and Thursday nights in place of the drama “Bridal Mask,” heroine Mun Chae-won captivates audiences with her charismatic rider fashion. In the drama “Chakannamja” Mun Chae-won is cast as cold blooded woman “Seo Eun-gi” who is scrupulously brought up as the heir of business tycoon of the Taesan Group from her childhood as a daughter of the owner of the group. She regards all the people around her as enemies and behaves very indifferently and coldly.

Mun Chae-won, cast as “Seo Eun-gi” in the new drama, is expected to leave an impressive strong image on the TV screen with her unique rider fashion from her hairstyles to the tips of her toes. As Mun Chae-won puts on a perfect set of motorcycle rider outfits, with her skinny jeans that reveal her charming figure and a leather jacket and leather gloves that are the symbols of a biker, she becomes the focus of the viewers’ attention from the start. What is more, as Mun Chae-won’s sharp and burning eyes are accentuated with the cold indifference and toughness of “Seo Eun-gi” in the drama, people are paying keen attention to what will happen to her in the new drama.

[KBS 2TV New drama ‘Chakannamja (Good Man)’] Mun Chae-won captivates viewers with his charismatic rider fashion

People’s curiosity about why Mun Chae-won has put on a rider’s jacket and what will happen to her in the drama is growing very rapidly. Mun Chae-won has been busy at the location for a long time now without breaking her cool demeanor, and nor did she even break a sweat, though she wore her leather jacket during her the shoot, which took place in a forest on a sultry and humid summer day when the temperature exceeded 30 degrees Celsius. As she learned how to ride the motorcycle, revealing her enthusiasm for the drama, it is said that the production staff were moved deeply by her dedication.

Since writer Lee Gyeong-hui, the author of “I’m Sorry I Love You” and the director Kim Jin-won, the director of “Love of Common People” are the writer and director of “Chakannamja (Good Man),” the drama raises great expectations among audiences. The drama is a typical melo-drama that depicts the passionate but tragic love of a man named Gang Ma-ru (played by Song Joong-ki) in the drama, who falls in love with a woman, devoting his whole life to her, but who is betrayed by her later and pledges evenge against her, and a woman Seo Eun-gi (plated by Mun Chae-won), who falls instantly in love with Gang Ma-ru, and another woman Han Jae-hui (cast by Park Si-yeon) who loves a man with all her passion but is destined to betray her love.

In the new drama Mun Chae-won peels off her innocent image as an adolescent and becomes a cold woman with frozen heart and poisonous sharp eyes, making people wonder about the radical changes in her performances. The new drama “Only One Good Man in the World (Chakannamja)” will be aired from this September on KBS 2TV.

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