G-Dragon teases fans with another picture from the set of his upcoming MV!

With what seems to be another picture from the set of the upcoming music video, leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon, is back to tease fans further! “4th day…

G-Dragon teases fans with another picture!

With what seems to be another from the set of the upcoming music video, leader of , , is back to tease further!

“4th day…. I can see the target” the singer tweeted, along with a photo of a lavishly embellished pair of lace-up boots. The singer is seen donning a pair of gold shorts with a matching gold headgear lying next to him along with the boots, and has definitely left fans anticipating the new transformation the artist will emerge with next.

As reported previously, G-Dragon also tweeted a mysterious timer earlier as well, indicating his impending solo comeback!

Source + Photo: G-Dragon’s Twitter

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