Phantom Delivers Seaweed Soup For A Pink Eunji’s Birthday?

phantom, apink, eunji, seaweed soup, phantom city apink eunji Rookie group Phantom recently prepared a special event for A Pink member Eunji, drawing much attention

phantom, , eunji, seaweed soup, phantom city

Phantom Delivers Seaweed Soup For A Pink Eunji's Birthday?  apink eunji

 Phantom recently prepared a special event for member Eunji, drawing much attention. 

On Friday, a video was posted on YouTube with the title “Phantom’s Seaweed Soup Delivery.” In the video, the three members of Phantom are seen delivering seaweed soup to A Pink’s Eunji. 

For the special event, Phantom sang their “Seaweed Soup” song with their gentle voices to A Pink’s Eunji while giving her the soup.

Eunji stated, “This song makes you really happy hearing it on your birthday. I hope Phantom will be successful in the future.”

Their title track “Seaweed Soup” was released this Tuesday, and for their special promotion of their song, they will be delivering seaweed soup to people on their birthdays.

Phantom will be releasing their album Phantom City on August 16.



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