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Pieces of Nine – Part 3 Analysis – Jessica Jung

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Pieces of Nine – Part 3 Analysis – Jessica Jung

Hey guys, its been a LONG time since my project has continued and I must apologize, I have been very busy for the last month and a half. For those that know I have already had two analysis on Tiffany and Seohyun posted and I am continuing the Project with the birthday girl herself!, Hit the jump for the hefty Third project

So for anti flaming purposes I have to let people know that this is an opinion analysis, take what you want, discard what you dont like. Sorry if you find it a bit long, but I spent alot of time on each project.

This is a project that I’m undergoing whenever I have time, I’ve become very interested at how a group of 9 talented individuals can bond and work together so perfectly as if they were all meant for each other. A little background, I’m a part time actor, singer and a major at writing, so I like to look past the images at face-value and work out exactly why snsd is REALLY the power of 9. A puzzle that has 9 perfect pieces that are all taken from different boards and how such a huge number of potential rivals can become something as close as a family can be.

I’d like to note that this analysis is purely my opinion and I hope all comments aren’t taken to heart, I will not go out and bash without reason, I love snsd and just want to see further past the looking glass and I hope you guys can read and enjoy this journey of mine along with me, as I am also writing this for my own interest in snsd.

For the first one follow the link to Tiffany//

For the second one follow the link to Seohyun - //

Coming in third place, we come head to head with the ice princess herself, Jessica Jung.

Cold, calculating, and able to kill a funny joke just by repeating it, Jessica is known to be the cold sister of the group and an ever present addition to the band of strong singers.

As far as singing prowess goes, this fair lady’s pitch matches to the heights of the group. She is very strong in the solo area and can reach quite a nice height with the pitch of her voice. Stylistically she holds a very pop-friendly pitch and is very strong as one of the 5 main singers in the group. If there is one thing that is kind of misleading about this lady, it’s that many attribute to her as being a mean person, not being able to warm-up to people easily and with a very hard outer shell that is hard to crack. Jessica, however, seems to develop some very strong bonds of friendships within the group, and though her actions, reaction and comments may seem cold and calculating to someone on the outside, within the group, it is invariably a sign of “sica” affection. Jessica is the epitome, of one who exemplifies the “Monkey Sphere”.

Now, what is the Monkey Sphere? To put it simply, every human being in the world has a Monkey Sphere; it is the process in which we care about certain people. Visualise in your head, yourself inside a bunch of circles, each getting bigger and bigger and covering more space. Now the circle that encircles you in the smallest space, are the people in which you care for the most, whether it be family members, very close friends or benefactors, these are the people you can’t see out of your life. Next is the bigger circle, which covers friends and friendly acquaintances, ones that you enjoy hanging around and have developed some sort of friendship, and as the circle gets bigger, inevitably there are complete strangers, 99% of the worlds population in which you cannot give a crap if they get hurt or maimed, this is how the Monkey Sphere works. You will cry much harder if a close friend or family member dies than if 1 million people in some unknown country all get killed.

I have a point to all of this, because Jessica is the embodiment of the Monkey Sphere. If you don’t crack into her inner circles, she could give a crap about what you think of her and she won’t hesitate to tell you what she thinks of you. It is this system in which that gives her the “Ice princess” title. One that cares so much about the people who are close to her despite giving off some other sort of vibe, and the only people that can appreciate or understand the way she works are the people who are in her closest circles of the Monkey Sphere. Perhaps having moved to a foreign country (Age 11) might have made her a much more reserved person but this closed-off personality is surely to have been nurtured or built, not coming naturally from her conscience, because the rest of soshi seems to bring out the fun side of her.

Prone to day dreaming and snapping back to reality at the mention of her name and answering questions with another one of her own questions, it gives a sort of “I don’t care” allure to her charm, though don’t have her tell you a joke cause it seems that when spoken from her all hilarity comes from how unfunny it actually becomes which all members love to poke at. Jessica has shown strong points of dancing skills in such programs as Star Golden Bell and even being able to sing in different styles of song (opera-like singing in Star King, as funny as it was, she showed great skills in keeping up her voice and also influencing it with different pitch). Her voice and range strongly suits many different facets of music, as recently she has been the lead role on the musical theatre production of Legally Blonde, which, stylistically, is very different from live song singing or recording.

Although she does seem cold and very hard to talk to, Jessica is never a complete snob, when saying things that are of her honest opinion, there is no spite, bitterness, or resentment in how she says it. Every word that comes out of her is genuine and in most cases, said before she thinks it through properly, which marks her off as just being honest, rather than snobby. In Hello Baby, she is very sweet to kyungsan, but to no avail, he shows her little love, but at least she got some love, and even two kisses from yoogeun (SHINEe’s Hello baby).

Next to Taeyeon, she is next most likely to break from chorus and sing harmonies and solos. It might be due to the fact that technically, she is 2nd lead singer in the group, or maybe it’s got to do with that voice that’s just a cut above the rest in terms of individuality, you can spot her voice from a mile away, blindfolded and listening through only half an earpiece in the group.

A girl whose sense of humour delves into the crude and punny. Her hatred for cucumbers is common knowledge around any sone. Her scream can crack glass and is very suited for Horror Movies, though she does need to keep her kicking temper under control (Horror Movie Factory). As one who claims to be most active in the group physically (quoted for enjoying sports and trying to get the other girls to be more active) she is the lightest in weight in the group, which is probably why she sleeps the most (small girls need more sleep to get the energy they need, and performers? they work damn hard).

Being fluent in English has given Jessica a somewhat closer than normal attachment to Tiffany, the other American member of SNSD. Fans (especially male fanes) crumble before her English and cry with happiness when this couple starts speaking in English, because it shows some mysterious exoticism within a country that doesnt place English at a very necessary need.

Jessica, is a professional on stage. Youd be hard pressed to find her giving as much fan service as the other girls. This girl has a flair of knowing where the line of performing is and adheres to it, most fan services she shows arent even directed to audience but to her sisters, it just so happens that there were audience there to see it. She is a performer first and an idol second.

It is a beautiful mesh that she brings within SNSD. Both talent wise and personality wise. There is no other sica in snsd, not even close. Other than being one of two Americans in the group, the similarities stop there, Jess and Tiff are miles apart in personality and talent (not saying ones better, its just theyre both different) and no one carries the fortitude, initial closed-off icy persona like Sica does. She is a strong link within Soshi that will stand up for who she is and doesnt need your approval, youre the one that has to get hers.

As I finish this it is officially Jessicas birthday, a girl who has gone through many hardships to get to where she is. All of these things that she has achieved was mostly by her own power. She is a strong, charismatic and very affectionate (in her own way) person. I wish her all the best this year and hope that she stays healthy and continues to live her wonderful dream with as much passion as she previously has had.

Thank you for reading (if you have), its hefty I know. Please give constructive criticism and opinions if you want. I am happy to take it all into account (provided youre not trolling or flaming)

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This is an original written piece that is only meant to be viewed on snsdkorean. Plagiarism or copying without consent is wrong as this isnt news.

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