Nia releases 5th single, "Summer Wink" + MV

Nia releases 5th single, Summer Wink + MVFemale rock band Nia has come back with their fifth single, "Summer Wink," featuring a title track of the same name. The four member group has also released the music video for "Summer Wink," featuring colorful beach scenery and footage of the members playing as a band.

With cool guitar riffs and addictive melodies, "Summer Wink" is bound to capture the carefree atmosphere of summertime. Nia's vocals are bright and energetic, nicely complementing the upbeat track.

The single consists of four tracks total: the title track "Summer Wink," "Sensation," "I'm Feeling Sad," and a piano version of "I'm Feeling Sad."

Watch the music video for "Summer Wink" below, and check out the rest of the single! Remember to support Nia's music by purchasing the single at sites like Bugs, Melon, and Olleh.

01. Summer Wink

02. Sensation

03. I'm Feeling Sad

04. I'm Feeling Sad (Piano Ver.)

Source: ktmusicable and BubbleFeetMusicCH2