BEAST, Super Junior, and Kara to perform at the Sky Festival Music Bank

BEAST, Super Junior, and Kara to perform at the Sky Festival Music Bank

BEAST, Super Junior, and Kara to perform at the Sky Festival Music BankThe Sky Festival is an upcoming concert held annually at the Incheon airport, and this year, it is scheduled to run from August 29th to the 31st. The three day concert features a different theme for each day.

The first day, August 29th, will be a K-Pop festival with KBS's Music Bank as its title. So far, BEAST, Super Junior, and Kara are expected to perform. As the line up is reported to be still in progress, more names are not yet confirmed. However, with this current trio, the rest of the artists are expected to be extremely popular as well.

The second day will be a family music concert. This stage will feature the Mostly Philharmonic Orchestra with Maestro Park Sanghyun. Musical actress of the year Ock Joohyun, known for her lead roles in the musicals "Elizabeth" and "Aida," will be performing. Baritone vocalist Seo Jeonghak, the first Korean opera singer to perform at the Metropolitan Opera in the U.S., will be singing as well. Ballerina and ballerino Kim Joowon and Lee Youngcheol, known for their judging roles on season 2 of "Dancing with the Stars," will dazzle the audience with their amazing performances. Lastly, world-class violinist Shin Hyunsu is scheduled to perform as well.

The final day will feature a grand classical music concert with Geum Nansae and the Incheon Philharmonic Orchestra, an impressive ensemble that has performed on over 2,300 stages. Soprano Seo Whalran and top tenor Na Seongseo will be giving listeners a treat with their powerful vocals. Saxophonist Choi Gyoungseok, despite only being a senior at Seoul Arts High School, won the 2012 Music Education News Music Competition, and will be sharing the stage with these classical musicians. Additionally, Duo Kemi, a chamber music pair from Sweden, will perform, with Jacob Kellerman on guitar and Daniel Migdal on violin.

The president of the Incheon International Airport Corporation expressed his hopes for the outdoor concert, saying he hoped for the Sky Festival concert series to promote airport-oriented culture and art.

Will you be attending any of these special concerts?

Source: Osen and Sky Festival