SBS's "Faith" reveals six-minute video teaser

After recently revealing a poster with the main cast, upcoming SBS drama "Faith" released a long teaser video filled with exciting scenes from the drama

SBS's "Faith" reveals six-minute video teaser

After recently revealing a poster with the main cast, upcoming SBS “Faith” released a long video filled with exciting scenes from the drama.

This six-minute trailer gives viewers a better idea of the action that is about to come. It opens with Goryeo warrior Choi Young (Lee Minho) being sent into the future. As he struggles to accept the modern day changes such as electricity, he causes problems ranging from stopping traffic to fighting a squad of police in a hospital lobby. He successfully brings plastic surgeon Yoo Eunsoo (Kim Heesun) back to his time period. Now, she is in for a shock as she must become accustomed to living in the olden times. She changes her clothes and eventually accepts the fact that she is in the dynastic era.

As the two become closer through horse rides and shared jokes, a political turn of occurs. Building upon the previous teaser, the drama then takes a dark turn with a focus now on revenge, conflicts, and trickery.

Finally, the trailer ends with an emphasis on the mystical. The fantasy does not end with time travel – miracle methods of healing and musical manipulation are featured.

“Faith” is expected to begin broadcast on August 13th,

Check out the six minute trailer below:

Will you be watching “Faith”?

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