South Korean guide pamphlets featuring Girls Generation proudly appeared in London

South Korean guide pamphlets featuring Girls Generation proudly appeared in London

South Korean culture promotional guide featuring Girls’ Generation spotted in London

As reported not long ago, a new Korean culture promotional guide pamphlet featuring the ladies of Girls Generation was produced.

Sungshin Women’s University professor Seo Kyung Duk who is a professional when it comes to promoting Korea had included Girls’ Generation in the English guide for foreign visitors. The pamphlet provides details on the Korean alphabet, traditional Korean dishes, Korea’s traditional hanbok, and more.

The guides were distributed at the Expo 2012 Yeosu to 50,000 foreign visitors. 30,000 more copies were also distributed in London where the 2012 London Olympics are currently being held, as well as 20,000 to prestigious universities of the world.

As a result, the South Korean culture promotion guide featuring Girls’ Generation has recently been spotted in London.

According to Professor Seo, the pamphlets were distributed throughout major tourist spots in London such as Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, Trafalga Square, the British Museum, and more, thanks to the help of students and tourists in London.

I thought that the London Olympics was a golden opportunity to further spread awareness of Korean culture, as it is a big event where many tourists are gathered,” Professor Seo remarked. “We paid special attention to the design, making sure to add Girls’ Generation. There is a K-Pop craze amongst the young people in London, and seeing Girls’ Generation in the pamphlet will cause them to hold on to it, as opposed to throwing it away after one look.

This promotional guide in particular was printed in English for the foreigners overseas, however there are plans to print the pamphlet in different languages. “We will be printing the guide in different languages such as Spanish, Chinese, and more,” Professor Seo added. “Just as we distributed the guides at large events such as EXPO 2012 and the London Olympics, we will continue to distribute them at major worldwide events.”

SourceImage : MyDaily