Kim Jae-joong “There are no idols without conflicts”

"Honestly there are no idols without conflicts. So many members and they're not family..." JYJ Kim Jae-joong revealed his thoughts on idol groups

“Honestly there are no idols without conflicts. So many members and they’re not family…”

Kim Jae-joong revealed his thoughts on idol groups.

Kim appeared for an interview in Kangnam and relating to the question about the recent social issue surrounding conflicts in idol groups, he answered, “,Honestly there are no idols without conflicts.

He said, “They are not family and there are a lot of them. There are members in the group you’re closer to or relate to better than the others. There has to be conflict in any team”.

He explained the key to JYJ’s good relationship. He said, “We talk about the good and bad things. A while ago, uploaded a of on his Kakao Talk profile picture so I said the look good. He told me they were just acting friendly. Being able to say that means they are close. We are like that too”.

About the JYJ members, “I feel like we are complete when we get together. It’s better when it’s three than one so I plan on working hard and doing my best”.

Meanwhile, Kim Jae-joong took on the role of Kim Kyeong-tak in the MBC Dr. JIN” and has been evaluated well for a great performance. “Dr. JIN” has one final episode to go.

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