G-Dragon and Jo Kwon sit up late at nigh to show encouragement to the South Korean soccer team

Like many Koreans, Big Bang‘s G-Dragon and 2AM‘s Jo Kwon decided to sit up late at nigh to show encouragement to the South Korean soccer team in the Olyimpic

G-Dragon and Jo Kwon stay up to cheer on the South Korean soccer team

Like many Koreans, ‘s and ‘s decided to sit up late at nigh to show encouragement to the South soccer team in the Olyimpic.

On August 8th KST, G-Dragon uploaded a photo and wrote on his page, “Preparations to watch the soccer match complete. Korea fighting!”, while Jo Kwon posted a photo of late-night snacks on his own Twitter page saying, “So sleepy and I gotta go to tomorrow… But I’m gonna watch [the game]! fighting!”

After seeing their tweets Netizens immediately responded with, “Yes, snacks are a definite must!”, “My heart is going to explode!”, and “South Korea Fighting!!”

Meanwhile, the Korean Olympic Soccer Team led by coach Hong Myung Bo began their semi-finals match against on August 8th at 1:45AM KST.

Source & Image : Jo Kwon‘s Twitter, G-Dragon‘s Twitter, OSEN via Nate

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