New male group, K-Boys, releases debut single, "K-Boys 2012 First Album" + dance practice video

New male group, K-Boys, releases debut single, K-Boys 2012 First Album + dance practice videoK-Pop is introducing their latest male group, K-Boys! K-Boys released their new single on August 8th, marking their official entry into the music industry. K-Boys is a 5-member male group under NSB Korea made up of rapper Kohyun, vocalist Gwanghun, vocalist Dohyeong, vocalist Jongchan, and vocalist Seongri.

The title track to their debut single is "K-Boys," an upbeat tempo track. The K-Boys' charms and personalities is caught in their 2nd track, "Love."

On August 1st, the dance practice video by K-Boys was also released, revealing the choreography behind their self-named title track.

You can purchase their debut single at Bugs.

01. K-BOYS

02. Love

Source: BubbleFeetMusicCH2, kmhutpa and cdmaul