6 Reasons Why You Should Seriously Start Stanning B.A.P

6 Reasons Why You Should Seriously Start Stanning B.A.P

Best, absolute, perfect: three words that have described B.A.P for the past five and a half years, and continue to do so. If youre a fan of B.A.P, you probably have countless reasons for stanning the group. If youre not a fan yet, you might become one by the end of this article! Here are six reasons why B.A.P deserves all your love and support.

This is probably one of the main reasons why fans decide to stan the group. B.A.P isnt just an idol group that makes catchy music. They give a voice to those who are struggling to be heard.

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Ribbon in the Sky is a song dedicated to the 2014 Sewol Ferry disaster, where 304 people, mostly consisting of high school students, tragically lost their lives in the sinking of a ferry. During the time, many Korean citizens were angered by the way the government tried to hide the truths behind the incident. Two years later, B.A.Ps leader Bang Yong Guk wrote the song Ribbon in the Sky to take a jab at government corruption and abuse of power.

Another one of B.A.Ps songs titled Wake Me Up addresses the stigma surrounding mental health. The music video shows several people struggling with different issues such as body image, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. The song encourages us to get woke and to be aware of what the people around us go through.

Many of B.A.Ps other songs, such as Badman, One Shot, Skydive, and Power, also contain powerful messages, so be sure to take a close listen when you come across their music!

As a registered member of World Vision, Save the Children, and UNICEF, Bang Yong Guk has consistently encouraged his fans and fellow members to take part in charitable work. The kind leader has led B.A.Ps efforts in donating books, funds from concerts, and dolls from fans (after asking for their permission first, of course). Together as a group, B.A.P aims to become role models rather than just artists. Their fans have been following in their footsteps, so thats another great reason to join the fandom!

3. They have a perfect combination of skills

With Bang Yong Guks deep-voiced rapping, Zelos high tone rapping, Youngjaes soothing voice, Daehyuns incredible high notes, Himchans strong stage presence, and Jongups killer dance moves, theres really no genre or performance that B.A.P cant pull off. This perfect balance of vocal, rap, and performance has allowed the group to demonstrate their versatility with all genres of music. Every single one of their releases so far has successfully shown that B.A.P is truly a harmonious group.

4. Theyre actually hilarious

B.A.P may not appear in many variety shows, but fans know how hilarious the members actually are. Bang Yong Guk and Jongup, for example, may appear to be shy and quiet, but they’re ready to step out of their boundaries just to entertain their fans.

Check out a clip of Bang Yong Guk parodying one of Tang Weis commercials. You definitely wont be seeing this side of him very often!

Next up is a clip of Jongup and Daehyun parodying a scene from the hit drama W, with Jongup playing Han Hyo Joos role and Daehyun playing Lee Jong Suks. Youll wonder how they even managed to keep a straight face!

5. Their impressive acting abilities

While none of the members of B.A.P have actually appeared in dramas or films, theyve definitely shown some impressive acting through their music videos. In their blockbuster music videos for One Shot and Skydive,  they managed to pull off some intense shootout scenes. Check out some of this high quality content below!

No words are needed for this performance of Body Soul that will probably have you screaming internally the whole time.

Warning: Lower volume before playing.

Now that weve covered some of the main reasons to stan B.A.P, be sure to check out their teaser videos for Honeymoon below!

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