6 quotes by Sana that prove shes brilliant

6 quotes by Sana that prove shes brilliant

These adorable moments from TWICEs Sana are hilarious and strangely brilliant.

Known for being equally adorable and clumsy, TWICEs Sana has proved once again that she is more than just her visuals she also has some hilarious wisdom to impart on the world. ONCE has dubbed the wisdom Sanaing and are always looking forward to hearing more from Wise Saga Sanas words.

Check out these too-cute moments!

She fully grasped the concept of water.

Her sincerity is so endearing!

She really understands the idol industry.

Of course, like a K-Pop star training for K-Pop.

Her streams always grant a bit of insight, especially when shes around her fellow members.

and she even offers safety advice!

And of course, there is the infamous desk moment on KBSs Trick and True (Red Velvets Wendy and Irenes looks are hilarious!).

Well played Sana. Truth is truth.

And finally, this Running Man moment is both a brilliant pun and classic Sana wisdom!

Sanas wise understanding of the world is important, we can only wait until she tells us something more! Stay adorable, Sana!