6 Female Idols Who Are Surprisingly Irresistible in Glasses

6 Female Idols Who Are Surprisingly Irresistible in Glasses

These 6 female idols rock the glasses look like its nobodys business and fans just cant resist their bookish charms.

Glasses arent often considered the most attractive accessory as many find them to be unflattering, but on some people, they can look just right. These idols, for instance, are masters at making glasses look like a gorgeous fashion statement and rock the nerd look effortlessly.

Check out these 6 idols who look make the nerdy look irresistible:

Red Velvets Irenes small facial proportions and big round glasses bring out a very cute, yet dorky side to her appearance. She looks completely adorable with her glasses on.

Like her groupmate, Seulgi also rocks the circle lenses. With her light makeup, messy bun, and circle lenses, Seulgi looks like shes ready to hit the library.

Unlike most who wear round glasses, Dreamcatchers JiU looks fierce with her glasses. Her sharp moves and amazing hair flip make her look so cool.

Chungha totally captured the hearts of many, not only with her cute wink. but with how amazing she looked in her glasses. Unlike others whose makeup gets overshadowed by glasses, Chunghas eye makeup pops through her glasses.

Girls Generations Taeyeon

Girls Generation Taeyeon is one of the idols who can make the Harry Potter look appear totally adorable. From book nerd to bombshell, Taeyeon can rock anything.

Unlike the other idols who have circle glasses, Girls Day Sojin is bringing back the oversized black frames. She is very sexy in the thick, black frames.