JYP Visual Rivals miss A Suzy and Wonder Girls Sohee Stands Side by Side

Sohee, Suji, JYP Entertainment, JYP Nation, Wonder Girls, miss A Recently on all the online community boards, a photo of Suzy and Sohee titled '2012 JYP Nation' was uploaded

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JYP Visual Rivals miss A Suzy and Wonder Girls Sohee Stands Side by Side
Recently on all the online community boards, a photo of and Sohee titled ’2012 JYP Nation’ was uploaded. 

In the uploaded , Wonder Girls member Sohee and miss A member Suzy is standing next to each other at JYP Entertaiment concert ’2012 JYP Nation’ that was held at Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium on the 4th.

Two of them were both wearing suits, each sky blue and hot pink, and they were giving off the ‘goddess charm’ with their beutiful visuals.

The internet users who saw the photo replied saying ‘JYP visual rivals have met,’ ‘They both have great bodies,’ ‘They can pull of any outfit, even with tacky colors,’ ‘I’ve been wanting this photo,’ and ‘they look so cute.’

On the other hand, this ’2012 JYP Nation’ concert had about 10,000 audiences and it will be performed in on follwoing 18th and 19th.

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