59893jyp Visual Rivals Miss A Suzy And Wonder Girls Sohee Stands Side By Side

JYP Visual Rivals miss A Suzy and Wonder Girls Sohee Stands Side by Side

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JYP Visual Rivals miss A Suzy and Wonder Girls Sohee Stands Side by Side

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Recently on all the online community boards, a photo of Suzy and Sohee titled '2012 JYP Nation' was uploaded.

In the uploaded picture, Wonder Girls member Sohee and miss A member Suzy is standing next to each other at JYP Entertaiment concert '2012 JYP Nation' that was held at Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium on the 4th.

Two of them were both wearing suits, each sky blue and hot pink, and they were giving off the 'goddess charm' with their beutiful visuals.

The internet users who saw the photo replied saying 'JYP visual rivals have met,' 'They both have great bodies,' 'They can pull of any outfit, even with tacky colors,' 'I've been wanting this photo,' and 'they look so cute.'

On the other hand, this '2012 JYP Nation' concert had about 10,000 audiences and it will be performed in Japan on follwoing 18th and 19th.

miss A's Suzy Shows Her Chic Side for W Magazine

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miss As Suzy Shows Her Chic Side for W MagazineNations first love Suzy of miss A has turned into a chic fall lady for W Korea.

For the December edition of the magazine, Suzy has shot a pictorial highlighting beautiful handbags by Bean Pole Accessory. Also known as the spokesmodel of the brand, the it-girl is looking stylish and charismatic. With her wavy, messy hair and natural makeup, it is difficult not to fall for Suzys beauty and her captivating gaze. 

As for the styling, Suzy is sporting minimalistic but feminine outfits that catch your eyes with unique details. With the addition of luxury bags, the atmosphere in the photos gets upgraded to a whole new level. The idols beautiful looks and chic fashion are a perfect match.

The full spread can be seen in the December edition of W Korea.

miss A‘s Suzy shows off her other side for Cosmopolitan's 13th anniv issue

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miss A‘s Suzy shows off her other side for Cosmopolitan's 13th anniv issue

miss AsSuzydid aCosmopolitan cover again.Cosmopolitan' will be celebrating their 13th anniversary and they chose to grace the cover for them is none other than the gorgeous miss A's Suzy.However,instead of her usual cute and innocent side, she showed off her more mature and more feminine side.She wore a tight blue that flaunted her curves and flawless body.Cosmopolitan's13th anniversary issue is set to release in September.written by: [email protected]:Daum

Composite Photo of Suzy of Miss A and Sohee of Wonder Girls Causes a Stir

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Composite Photo of Suzy of Miss A and Sohee of Wonder Girls Causes a Stir

A composite photograph of Suzy of girl group Miss A and Sohee of the Wonder Girls is attracting netizens’ attention.

Recently a composite photo of Suzy and Sohee was posted on the online community board with a title “Will composition of Suzy and Sohee looks like this?”

The photo was made by mixing Suzy’s face, included in Miss A’s first full album “Good bye baby” and Sohee’s charming single eyelids. The different faces of the two was fantastically in harmony so as to be misunderstood as a real person.

Netizens commented: “If it were a real person..., “The two girls from JYP look even more beautiful in the composite photo.” “The photo composition is perfect”, “Suzy and Sohee are pretty both individually and together.” and “Combining Suzy and Sohee results in perfect charm”.

Miss A, Suzy’s group, are currently taking a break after engaging in promotional activities for their latest album title “I don’t need a man”.

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What Would Wonder Girls’ Sohee and miss A’s Suzy’s Look Like Combined?

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What Would Wonder Girls’ Sohee and miss A’s Suzy’s Look Like Combined?

They’re two of some of the most popular girl group members but how would Wonder Girls’ Sohee and miss A’s Suzy look if their faces were combined?

That’s what one netizen decided to find out as a picture was recently posted on an online community site titled, ‘If Suzy and Sohee are combined, it’s this kind of a feel?’

The photo combined an image of Suzy from miss A′s Goodbye Baby as well as a photo of Sohee from the Wonder Girls.

The picture proved to be a popular one with netizens with netizens responding with comments like, “It’s beautiful”, “How fascinating” and “A meeting of two goddesses.”

Photo Credit: Online community

Ideal Female Group ‘F4’ is Suzy (miss A)-Taeyeon (SNSD)-Sohee (Wonder Girls)-HyunA (4minute)

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Ideal Female Group ‘F4’ is Suzy (miss A)-Taeyeon (SNSD)-Sohee (Wonder Girls)-HyunA (4minute) Ideal Female Group ‘F4’ is Suzy (miss A)-Taeyeon (SNSD)-Sohee (Wonder Girls)-HyunA (4minute)Girl group F4 members list have been selected to be miss A's Suzy, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, Wonder Girls' Sohee and 4minute's HyunA.

A poll was conducted recently on MBCs Show Champion asking males in their 20s and 30s to create a female F4 group.

The results revealed showed girl group members ranked in 4 different categories of sexy, innocent, chic and lovely. The end results revealed were 4minute HyunA as sexy, miss As Suzy as innocent, while Wonder Girls Sohee grabbed chic and Girls Generations Taeyeon took lovely.

Internet users that saw the Girl group F4 commented, Wow best girl group, Perfect choices, and Members totally fir their categories.

miss A’s Suzy shows off her dorky side

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miss A’s Suzy shows off her dorky side

miss As Suzy has attracted attention with her dorky disguise.

On January 27th, the idol tweeted, Im in Macaukyakya~. She then attached a self-taken photo to the message, surprising fans with a look theyve never seen on Suzy before.

The young idol is often seen in mini-dresses and fashionable pieces for miss As events, but in this photo, Suzy rocked a more relaxed look. Wearing trendy glasses that take up half her face (and the selca), Suzy completes the youthful style with a wool cap, headphones, and a studded jacket.

Fans commented, A dork, but still very beautiful, Why are you so perfect?, and Even without making an effort, you still look like a model

Source + Image: Suzys Twitter

[Spoiler] "Splendid Politics" Lee Yeon-hee stands on the risky side in order to save Seo Kang-joon

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On the 19th episode of MBC"s MondayTuesday drama, "Splendid Politics", assassins trying to kill Jeongmyeong (Lee Yeon-hee) appeared.

Joo-won (Seo Kang-joon) in place of Jeongmyeong was stabbed by one of the assassins and fell down. Jeongmyeong allied with Gwanghae (Cha Seung-won) to find out who were behind the assassins. Jeongmyeong decided to talk to Heo Gyun (Ahn Nae-sang) face to face. When Joo-won woke up from coma, he explained to Gwanghae about Jeongmyeong"s profound ideas.

Jeongmyeong went to talk to Heo Gyun and made him confused with lies. Jeongmyeong told him, "I"ve been chased down. They think I"ve been secretly communicating with you. Do you know anything". She also asked him to help her get out of the capital city. Heo Gyun tilted his head in doubt.

Kim Hyun Joong"s side states Miss Choi has no proof of pregnancy + Miss Choi"s side says otherwise

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Kim Hyun Joong

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong"s legal representation has stated that his ex-girlfriend Miss Choiwas unable to submit evidence of her alleged pregnancy and miscarriage.

On June 3, Kim Hyun Joong"s side stated, "If you look at the medical documents submitted by Miss Choi, there is nothing about a positive pregnancy. What"s written is that there is no evidence of pregnancy. Miss Choi"s side submitted the text messages between her and Kim Hyun Joong as proof."

However, Miss Choi"s representation has stated otherwise. Her lawyer said, "Miss Choi is currently focusing on her pregnancy... In order to prove the pregnancy, we"ve brought the documents from the sonogram. Afterwards, we will submit the evidence as well as bring a witness. We can fully prove Ms. Choi"s pregnancy. You can"t hide the truth."

The same day, Kim Hyun Joong"s father testified that his son had previously told him that he gave Miss Choi $541,644 USD (600 million Won) following the accusations that he physically assaulted his ex-girlfriend during her pregnancy.

Kim Hyun Joong is currently serving his mandatory military service.

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Kim Hyun Joong"s side gives update on Miss Choi"s lawsuit and miscarriage allegations

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Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong"s legal representation has released an update on his ex-girlfriend Miss Choi"s lawsuit and the allegations that she suffered a miscarriage after he physically assaulted her.

On May 26, his lawyer stated, "We"ve received the list of gynecologists that Miss Choi attended, and we"ll be looking over the records for pregnancy and miscarriage. We haven"t been able to confirm which of the 5 hospitals gave her a diagnosis of pregnancy or miscarriage. We"re waiting for the facts and results."

The lawyer further asserted that there"s no evidence that Miss Choi allegedly miscarried after being beaten by Kim Hyun Joong last June. 

As previously reported, Miss Choi is suing Kim Hyun Joong for emotional distress and slander, but Kim Hyun Joong"s side is stating that her allegations of the miscarriage are unfounded as she looks "perfectly fine" in photos from the time period in question. Kim Hyun Joong is currently serving his mandatory military service.

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