ZE:A Kwanghee Leaves

ZE:A Kwanghee Leaves "Laws of the Jungle 2" Early Due To Injury

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kwangheeZE:A Kwanghee recently expressed his disappointment in having to leave his expedition early for "Laws of the Jungle 2" in Siberia due to an injury he suffered.

On Sunday, through SBS "Laws of the Jungle 2 in Siberia," it was revealed that the youngest member ZE:A Kwanghee could no longer continue to be on the show due to an injury.

Although his injury was not severe, because the cast members were given many difficult tasks such as hunting, collecting supplies and walking long distances, it was decided that Kwanghee should leave the expedition given his condition. Kwanghee stated, "I'm really sad that his happened since I really wanted to try my best" and revealed that he wanted to say sorry to the older brothers on the show.

Kwanghee eventually left for Korea, while the other members who were also saddened by his departure, remained and continued on the expedition.

Photo Credit: SBS