Rapper Goni’s gift,’The Beautiful Struggle’ released

Rapper Goni’s gift,’The Beautiful Struggle’ released

Korean-American rapper Goni releases ?The Beautiful Struggle?

Korean-American rapper Goni has returned with a fresh summer track, “The Beautiful Struggle“.

Goni has been quiet in the first half of 2012 but that may turn around with this new release from the New Jersian. Goni takes his patented Korean flow and applies it to the song “The Beautiful Struggle”. It’s an easy going listen that isn’t too entirely dissimilar in style to Johnny photo’s single that dropped earlier today.

In this song, the Korean-American rapper hopes to empower his listeners with a message stressing the power of believing in one’s self, “At times, the path ahead may seem dark / And you may feel hopeless and want to give up / But if there’s a dark night, a brighter day will come /You are not alone, you are not alone“,

Goni shared, “I wrote this song to help you, motivate you, and empower you. I wrote this song to instill a belief that what you’re doing is exactly what you should be doing. Whatever you are doing and which ever way you’re going, I want you to believe in yourself because that’s essentially really all you need. Face the hardships and keep going, because life is all about The Beautiful Struggle“.

Check out the song below!