TEEN TOP Reveals How to Stay Cool In The Heat

TEEN TOP Reveals How to Stay Cool In The Heat "Take a Nap and Then Eat Ice Cream"

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sdafGroup TEEN TOP revealed a way to stay cool in the hot summer weather.

Today, TEEN TOPRicky posted on his me2day, "(This is not an idea improvised just because we got hungry while filming) Hot stuff in the heat! Then take a nap and then eat ice cream, then the heat is gone~ You know eating well and sleeping well is very important especially in the summer, right?" along with a picture.

In the picture, Ricky eats noodles and a roll, and then sleeps with a big pillow. After he wakes up, he eats ice cream with Chunji and L.Joe, arousing laughter.

Internet users who saw this commented, "Eating and sleeping is the best in the heat", "L.Joe is attractive even when he's eating ice cream", and "They must be having such a hard time because of the heat~"

Photo Credit: Ricky me2day