U-Kiss appears at the opening event for the &

U-Kiss appears at the opening event for the &

U-Kiss appears at the opening event for the

Idol group U-Kiss recently appeared at the a-nation, which is one of the biggest music festival in Japan, with Japanese top stars, including Hamasaki Ayumi and EXILE.

On August 3, the opening ceremony for the festival was held in Tokyo. Lots of people gathered together to see the event, in which U-Kiss appeared in black suits and received considerable attention.

Besides U-Kiss, Japanese top artists, including, Hamasaki Ayumi, EXILE, and AAA, and K-pop stars, including, TVXQ, Big Bang, and Super Junior will also appear at the festival.

U-Kiss will appear on Asia Progress M on August 9 during the music week, which will be held for ten days starting on August 3. Then they will attend the festival, which will be held in Tokyo on August 26, with Hamasaki Ayumi, M-flo, and Big Bang.

U-Kiss debuted in Japan about a year ago and the group has become a popular Hallyu group and receivedĀ considerableĀ attention from the local media outlets.

After attending the a-nation and holding their exclusive concert in Japan on September 5, the group will release their new EP in Korea in September. Popular Japanese and American songwriters participated in helping the group and a perfect project for the group will be created.

Source: Star Daily News