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Verbal Jint releases "I Get Weak" for MBC drama "Golden Time" OST

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With the release of a collaboration track with As One earlier this year, in addition to a digital single and his latest full length album "10 Years Of Misinterpretation", Verbal Jint has revealed his first OST song this year, titled "I Get Weak", featuring Heo Inchang. The digital release of "I Get Weak" consists of the track itself as well as an instrumental cut.

"I Get Weak" is a midtempo contemporary RB track with elements of folk music primarily in the acoustic guitar arrangement and piano accompaniment. The song is featured on the official soundtrack for MBC's medical drama "Golden Time" and was released as a digital single. In the same vein as his more recent works, Verbal Jint showcases a more mellow and laid back style side to his music as he elects to sing his verses with Heo Inchang providing a lyrical verse to complement Verbal Jint's vocals.

Check out "I Get Weak" off of the "Golden Time" OST below, and be sure to support Verbal Jint by purchasing his latest track on sites like Bugs Music:

Sources: Bugs Music and AsianDreamOST2

Actor Shin Sung Rok To Tie The Knot!

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Actor Shin Sung Rok To Tie The Knot!

Actor Shin Sung Rok To Tie The Knot!crystalcove Would possibly 24, 2016 0 Actor Shin Sung Rok has showed that he'll exist marrying his female friend next month!

His management, HB Entertainment, stated, He may bepreserving his wedding mid-June in Hawaii. The marriage will be plain and quiet, with circle of relatives and close pals in attendance. Shin Sung Roks girlfriend is a non-celebrity, described just as operating in a regular company.

Shin Sung Rok met his bride-to-be via friends, and regardless ofthe quick courtship, they have gotproven their love and believe in one every other and made up our minds on marriage.

Actor Shin Sung Rok set to marry his female friend in Hawaii in June

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Actor Shin Sung Rok set to marry his female friend in Hawaii in June

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterActor Shin Sung Rok these days announced that he's going to exist marrying his female friend in Hawaii in June.

According to reports, the actor met his girlfriend thru a mutual friend, and despite the reality that they havent been dating long, they love every other very much and determined to tie the knot. His girlfriend isnt fascinated by the entertainment industry at all, and the marriagecan be small with handiesta couple of close buddies and members of the family attending. After performing in hit drama You Who Got here From the Stars, the actor has wonnumerous popularity, and the within track of his unexpected marriage announcement indisputably came as a surprise to his fans. Source: TelevisionDocumentShare on FacebookShare on Twitter

"Signal" SEO Ji-hoon to famous person in "Drama Special - The Mythical Shuttle"

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"Drama Special - The Legendary Shuttle" is primarily based in a college where studying and dreams don't appear to be a base anymore. Seo Ji-hoon's role of Jo Tae-woong is the guy of a Busan elite school.

N.Sonic’s Leader J.Heart Posts Heartfelt Message To Enthusiasts On Instagram Earlier than Army Enlistment

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N.Sonic’s Leader J.Heart Posts Heartfelt Message To Enthusiasts On Instagram Earlier than  Army Enlistment

N.Sonics Leader J.Heart Posts Heartfelt Message To Enthusiasts On Instagram Sooner thanArmy Enlistmenthajima Would possibly 24, 2016 0 Boy staff N.Sonics leader J.Heart posted a heartfelt message together witha brief video on his Instagram following the announcement through the groups agency that they would seek criminal action opposed to the members for damages brought about by their disappearance and cutting of all types of communication.

J.Heart starts by saying, First of all, I would love to sincerely make an apology to our loving fans for hurting you viaugly news. As one that wont be in a positionto peer you lotfor 2 years, I presumed IT wouldnt be correct to just disappear without a notice and, because I know the way much you're worrying, I determined to post this message after long, difficult consideration.

He apologizes for going MIA, We are even more sorry, no longer only to the Korean fans, yet also the global fans who made it out to our fan meetings since we know how much you've been looking ahead to N.Sonic. We sincerely and deeply apologize.

3 issues to observe out for "Lucky Romance"

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The 2nd point to appear out for is Ryu Jun-yeol. He's a genius and CEO of JeJe Corporate named Je Soo-ho. He is instantly to the point and sharp yet he holds a trauma in his mind.

The remainingfacetsto search out for are Lee Cheong-ah and Lee Soo-hyeok in the jobs of Han Seol-hee, the landlord of a sports firm and internationalnoted tennis big name Gary Choi. When thoseto pass back to Korea, the 4other people get twisted up alongsideevery other.

Meanwhile, "Lucky Romance" is in line witha well-liked web-toon about a lady who is into superstition and a guy who is into science. The casts are Hwang Jeong-eum, Ryu Jun-yeol, Lee Cheong-ah, Lee Soo-hyeok, Nah Yeong-hee, Ki Joo-bong, Jeong Sang-hoon, Kim Sang-ho, Kwon Hyuk-soo, Lee Cho-hee, Jin Hyeok and more.

Kim Ah-joong and Eom Tae-woong at the script reading for upcoming SBS drama "Wanted"

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This drama is intense like a film and naturally, it resulted inall of the cast at the edge in their seats duringyour entire script reading. Kim Ah-joong takes on the role of the mum and she said, "I naturally felt a mother's love for her kid when I thought about my son being kidnapped".

Meanwhile, Lee Moon-sik changed intooverdue to the scene as he'sthese days in the making of "Jackpot". He was just in time to read his a phase of the script.

Ji Hyeon-woo takes on the role of Cha Seung-in, a detective at the KangNam Police Station. Eom Tae-woong plays Sin Dong-wook, a cynical yet genius program director.

Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-geom's bromance

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Dominos claimed that the actors' excellent reputations will reflect definitely on their emblem and the bro-mance will have to existanything new to appear at.

Song Joong-ki is lately on an Asian excursion fan meeting. He may beon the point ofbig name in the film "Battleship Island" which is in line with the Joseon other peoplethroughoutthe japanese invasion. Park Bo-geom is coming back "Moonlight Drawn through Clouds".

“Cheese in the Trap” Manufacturer Talks Development In Casting Feminine Lead Contrary Park Hae Jin

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“Cheese in the Trap” Manufacturer Talks Development In Casting Feminine Lead Contrary Park Hae Jin

Cheese in the Trap Manufacturer Talks Development In Casting Feminine Lead Contrary Park Hae Jinehk38 Might 24, 2016 0 Following news of Park Hae Jins casting in the male lead role for the movie adaptation of Cheese in the Trap, there has been in an largerpastime in who could be his female co-star.

There hasnt yet been any discussion about the feminine lead, the production companys rep shares. We are making plans on stay all of our features open.

The rep also says that because the flick is a joint Korean-Chinese production, there is a chance that the female lead role may be filled through a Chinese actress.

Photos Lee Tae-rim in rash guard

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Meanwhile, SUPERINC participated in the 2016 Kyeonggi Global Boat Display and showed off more than a fewsorts of rash guards, boat shorts and water leggings.

I.O.I’s Somi below hearth for her “banana diet” revelation

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I.O.I’s Somi below  hearth for her “banana diet” revelation

On Might 24th, Somi and the remainder of the individualsgave the impression as visitors for tVN’s Taxi. She used to be asked about her recent weight loss and become asked about her secret vitamin also enumerating a couple of diet fat in South Korea.

According to Somi, she lost weight as a result of a banana diet and detailed that, “I handiest ate one banana for breakfast, lunch and evening.” She went on to expose that she lost 4 kilograms from the diet instantly after a week.

The observation earned a lot of negative reaction from the netizens for enforcing a strict diet on a 16 year old and highlighted her want for nourishment because of their rigorous rehearsals and tight schedules.