Minam Oppa releases first album, "Love By Love"

Minam Oppa releases first album, Love By LoveMinam Oppa, brother of Yunhyuk from male duo December, recently released his first album on August 6th (KST). This album includes five tracks as well as three instrumentals.

The first track on the album was revealed as a single earlier this summer with its instrumental. Now, fans can enjoy a larger selection of music by Minam Oppa with "Love By Love."

This solo album is filled with cool summer ballads and resonating harmonies. Minam Oppa shows off his lyrical sensibility as he built up his singer-songwriter name by composing lyrics and music and working in China, Japan, and even in the United Kingdom and United States.

His songs combine his light voice with filling background. While tracks like "You're My Everything" are more upbeat and cheerful, "Say I Love" features Nari and showcases Minam Oppa's flexibility in his singing. A much slower piece, this emotional love song has a fairytale feeling to it.

Listeners may be familiar with the soothing string and piano-based piece "Sinchon Street" as it was revealed in June. "Crosswalk" opens with a variety of instruments such as piano, strings, and guitar. As this song climaxes, he hits high notes with ease, switching off parts smoothly with The Story. Lastly, "Shall We Go to the Movies" is a cute track that highlights an impressive guitar solo halfway in. The song's strong backup vocalists brighten its mood even more.

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Check out Minam Oppa's "Love by Love" below:

1. "Sinchon Street"

2. "Crosswalk" ft. The Story

3. "Say I Love" ft. Nari

4. "You're My Everything"

5. "Shall We Go to the Movies"

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