59805minam Oppa Releases First Album Love By Love

Minam Oppa releases first album, "Love By Love"

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Minam Oppa releases first album, Love By LoveMinam Oppa, brother of Yunhyuk from male duo December, recently released his first album on August 6th (KST). This album includes five tracks as well as three instrumentals.

The first track on the album was revealed as a single earlier this summer with its instrumental. Now, fans can enjoy a larger selection of music by Minam Oppa with "Love By Love."

This solo album is filled with cool summer ballads and resonating harmonies. Minam Oppa shows off his lyrical sensibility as he built up his singer-songwriter name by composing lyrics and music and working in China, Japan, and even in the United Kingdom and United States.

His songs combine his light voice with filling background. While tracks like "You're My Everything" are more upbeat and cheerful, "Say I Love" features Nari and showcases Minam Oppa's flexibility in his singing. A much slower piece, this emotional love song has a fairytale feeling to it.

Listeners may be familiar with the soothing string and piano-based piece "Sinchon Street" as it was revealed in June. "Crosswalk" opens with a variety of instruments such as piano, strings, and guitar. As this song climaxes, he hits high notes with ease, switching off parts smoothly with The Story. Lastly, "Shall We Go to the Movies" is a cute track that highlights an impressive guitar solo halfway in. The song's strong backup vocalists brighten its mood even more.

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Check out Minam Oppa's "Love by Love" below:

2. "Crosswalk" ft. The Story

5. "Shall We Go to the Movies"

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Fly to the Sky Releases Teaser for Mini Album “Love & Hate”

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Fly to the Sky Releases Teaser for Mini Album “Love & Hate” R&B duo Fly to the Sky will soon be returning with a new mini album, and they’ve now dropped a teaser to give enthusiasts a glimpse of what to expect.

Although their voices aren’t heard in the teaser, contributors Brian and Hwanhee are noticed having a look moderately wistful as they gaze into the camera and pose at a grand piano.

Fly to the Sky’s mini album “Love & Hate” could be released on September 14, and may come with five tracks. This may be the pair’s first liberate since 2014, when they put out their complete period album “Continuum” in addition a best-of remake album entitled “Back in Time” that celebrated their 15th anniversary.

Are you excited to look Brian and Hwanhee go back with all new music?

BESTie releases the first teaser image for 2nd mini album "Love Emotion"

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BESTie releases the first teaser image for 2nd mini album

BESTie has officially joined the comeback lineup for May.

YNB Entertainment announced on April 27th,"BESTie"s 2nd mini album "Love Emotion" will be released on May 8th" and released the first teaser image of the members sitting against a white wall together while emphasizing on their long and slender legs.

A rep from the agency said,"BESTie members directly participated in their comeback preparations from costume planning to choreography making. You will be able to see their growth through this album".

Don"t miss the release of "Love Emotion" on May 8th. READ MORE

Teen Top’s Niel Releases Repackaged Album “Spring Love” MV

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Teen Top’s Niel Releases Repackaged Album “Spring Love” MV

Teen Tops Niel revealed the music video for Spring Love, his title song for oNEILy repackaged album.

The music video and track was released on April 14 at midnight via various music sites, receiving lots of love from the fans.

Spring Love music video was filmed at Tokyo, Japan, highlighting the springs bright mood and colors. It shows a completely different side of Niel than previously in his Lovekiller music video. In Spring Love, he is seen preparing a romantic date for his new girlfriend.

Check out his Spring Love music video if you havent already!

Teen Top’s Niel Is Back Again With Repackaged Album “Spring Love”

Teen Top’s Niel Collaborates with Juniel for a Track on “Spring Love”

Teen Top"s Niel releases the cover image for his repackaged album "Spring Love"

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Teen Top

Teen Top"s Niel is ready to comeback with his repackaged album "Spring Love".

The album cover image was released through the group"s official SNS on April 7th. Opposite to the charisma and sexy image that he showed during his solo debut, this time he appears with a more sweet and vague atmosphere, attracting much attention from many people.

"Spring Love" will be released on April 14th. READ MORE

Niel releases his brooding album cover for repackaged album "Spring Love"

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Niel releases his brooding album cover for repackaged album

If TEEN TOP Niel"s solo debut wasn"t enough for you, you only have to wait a little longer for his upcoming repackaged album "Spring Love"!

Niel looks like he"s in deep thought in the classy black-and-white photo from his repackaged album, intriguing us about the new sound that"ll be included in this revamped solo album.

Stay tuned for more details on his new title track. We can"t wait to see what else he has to bring! "Spring Love" will be released online on April 14.

U-KISS Pre-releases "Smart Love" Ahead Of Comeback Album "Always"

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U-KISS Pre-releases

Popular male idol group U-KISS has pre-released the first track “Smart Love” off their upcoming 10th mini-album Always on January 14th.

Last year, U-KISS released their last mini-album Mono Scandal with a powerful and sexy concept, introducing their newest member Jun following Dongho’s departure. After nine months since their 9th mini-album, U-KISS is returning strong with their 10th mini-album.

“Smart Love” is a calming track that features the smooth and charming vocals of U-KISS, with the rap written by Eli himself.

Always is set to be released on January 15th.

Sonnet Son releases 2nd mini album "Sonnet Blooms" and MV for "Love Again"

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Sonnet Son releases 2nd mini album

Sonnet Son (Son Seung Yeon) releases her comeback 2nd mini album "Sonnet Blooms" and the MV for her title track "Love Again".

Fans have been blown away by her powerful vocals in this motivating song. The lyrics encourages someone who can"t confess her love and the MV shows random people giving advice to the person enouraging her to confess.

Sonnet Son Releases Second Mini Album and Uplifting “Love Again” MV

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Sonnet Son Releases Second Mini Album and Uplifting “Love Again” MV

Sonnet Son (Son Seung Yeon) has just released her second mini album, “Sonnet Blooms,” and the title track music video, “Love Again.”

“Love Again” is pop ballad, featuring a piano melody and Sonnet Son’s huge vocals. Sonnet Son herself said that it was “a hard song to sing.”

Fortune Entertainment said, “Sonnet Son’s trademark clear and refreshing style is sure to open you right up. While it may be difficult for someone in their early twenties, she takes on the emotional theme of ‘reunion’ with depth and maturity.”

The music video for “Love Again” was made with the help of 1000 citizens, who answered the question, “What do you want to say to someone who’s hesitant to confess their love?”

Check out the video below to see what they said!

The BK of “BK Love” Releases New Album

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The BK of “BK Love” Releases New Album BK, Sniper Sound Agency"s rapper and the main character of MC Sniper"s song "BK Love", released his second mini album on April 30.

The album is produced by Sniper Sound"s new producer Roy C. and BK; creating a positive synergy brought on by the two musicianrs.

Although the album is filled with BK"s stories from experiences, everyone can relate to the dilemmas that BK sings, like his album title song "Mother".

Title song "Mother" is about BK"s mother, who passed away after a long struggle with illness.

Foreign song "Grandfather"s Old Chair", which was sampled by BK, features BK"s nephew Jung Yoon Sung"s singing. The song is about a grandchild"s love and regrets about his grandmother.

Agency Sniper Sound stated: "He will not hold promotions with this album but instead prepare for his next album."