Ahn Jae-min comforts Eun-jeong

Ahn Jae-min comforts Eun-jeong "She's pure and lonely, it's upsetting"

Actor Ahn Jae-min, known to be best friends with T-ara's Eun-jeong, cheered for her.

He posted on his Twitter on the 1st, "The Eun-jeong I know is very oure hearted. She is lonely and is nothing like the celebrity people think of. She doesn't sleep when she arrives to Japan but goes around taking care of her friends and attending after gatherings".

He continued, "She takes very well care of the people around her and she's been like that for the past 10 years. I am not sure what happened to this whole T-ara case but I am upset as someone who's known her like a family for a long time".

"I know it's tough on you right now but I pray it'll all be alright once it's gone. Love you sister".

Ahn Jae-min said, "How tough it must be on her. They're only hurting each other so I hope they resolve things as soon as possible".