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Korean Tech Time Machine: Ultimate Rewind

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Korean Tech Time Machine: Ultimate Rewind

Here at Advanced Technology Korea, we usually talk about the latest technology.

But what if we took a big step back? Thousands of years or so? During the three Kingdoms period, Koreans were highly interested in astronomy as well as agriculture, which can be seen through constellations in mural paintings and records of solar eclipses. By this time, weapons, Korean traditional paper making and construction technology had reached very high levels.

Here's a look at some tech and design from Korea's ancient history.

Who's going to do all heavy lifting?

Chung Yak-yong (1762-1836) is one of the most renowned scholars in Korean history. He was well-studied in a wide variety of academic fields, including philosophy, poetry, science and economics. One of his most famous accomplishments happened while he designed and supervised the building of the stone fortress in Hwaseong in what is known today as Suwon in the Gyeonggi Province. During this time, he invented a special type of crane (called Kojunggi) that was capable of lifting heavy stones easily. The fortress still stands in Suwon and has been designated a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.

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Korean traditional paper, or "Hanji", is made from the bark of mulberry trees known as "dak", which are native to Korea. For more than 1,600 years, it has played a key role in the daily lives of Koreans. It's acid free and lasts longer than any other type of paper. Due to its durability and strong insulating properties, Korean traditional paper was used for everything from official government records to wallpaper and to the floors of houses and coffins. It is said that hanji can be preserved for some 1,000 years.

A testament to hanji can be found through the discovery of Mu-gu-jeong-gwang Dae-da-ra-ni-gyeong, which is literally translated as the Great Dharani Sutra of Immaculate of Pure Light in 1996. When it was exposed to the sun after remaining hidden in a casket for more than 1,200 years, it was found to be perfectly intact.

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Have an uncle that can't seem to stay away from the party punch during Christmas parties? Now you'll know what to get him.

The "Greedy Cup", or "kye young bae", is a cup that follows a philosophy of "7 out of 10", to practice moderation and humility. The cup is made so that when a drinker fills the cup more than 70 percent, the cup automatically spills its contents out of the bottom, symbolically warning against human greed. These types of cups were most often used for alcohol or tea.

The Turtle Ship, or "Geobuskeon", was the world's first ironclad warship. It was built under the leadership of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, around 1590. The iron plates on the galley of the ship protected the rowers and kept many Japanese warships and other enemies at bay.

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Honcheonsige, an astronomical instrument and clock, was invented by astronomer Song I-yeong in 1669 during King Hyunjong's rule in the Choseon Dynasty. It was comprised of a clock mechanism and celestial globe. Its sphere has a diameter of 40 cm and was activated by a working clock mechanism, which showed the position of the universe at any given time.

The Cheugugi is the world's oldest scientific rainfall gauge. It was invented in 1441. It's made of three parts: a cylindrical iron/bronze-cast main body, a stone mount and a ruler to measure the depth of rainwater collected in the main body. It allowed precise measurements of rainfall to be taken all around the country for over 400 years, detailing the month, location, time of day and type of rain.

Photo Credit: London Korean Links

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Born and raised in the States, I came to Seoul in 2009 and have loved living and working in such a high-tech and connected city ever since. I enjoy collecting unique, cute gadgets/items (I have a bread-scented smartphone case!) and traveling around Korea. My personal mission while living in Korea: Try every type of Korean food known to exist.

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Fans Can’t Get Ample of Choa The Goddess Having a look Sexier Than Ever

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Fans Can’t Get Ample of Choa The Goddess Having a look Sexier Than Ever

That lovable smile never fails to make my middle flutter

A bit of cuteness appearingthru her sexiness

Not anything can hide her voluptuous body

“The Flower In Prison” Already Marks Impressive 20 % In Viewership Ratings

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“The Flower In Prison” Already Marks Impressive 20 % In Viewership Ratings

The Flower In Criminal Already Marks Impressive 20 % In Viewership Ratingskminjungee Would possibly 1, 2016 0 MBCs weekend drama, The Flower in Prison, continues to bring in fantastic ratings.

On May just 2, Nielsen Korea unearths that the 2nd one episode of The Flower in Prison, which aired on May additionally 1, recorded 20 percent in viewership ratings nationwide, effortlessly taking first position in its time slot. Meanwhile, SBSs Mrs. Cop 2 marked 10 percent, whilst KBS 2TVs Gag Concert marked 8.5 percent.

The drama already started out with impressive ratings of 17.3 percent for its first episode on April 30. While old productions comparable to Marriage Contract and My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol took 8 episodes and ten episodes, respectively, to surpass the 20 percent mark, The Flower in Prison has controlled to do so in precisely two episodes.

Video Yoon Si-yoon, in "Mirror of the Witch" 3rd teaser, "Were you born where you ought to not be?"

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Yoon Si-yoon takes at the role of the 'unlucky genius' Heo Joon. He became born with herbalabilitiesyet because he's the son of a concubine, he has to suppress his dreams and desires. Heo Joon's sadness and pain will also be felt throughout the line, 'Were you born in a position where you would no longer have been?'

In the teaser, Yoon Si-yoon looks bitterly lonely in the background with flower petals falling on his face. Kim Sae-ron who plays the Joseon witch Seo-ri, looks bloodless and frozen.

JYP Joins “Sisters’ Slam Dunk” Task With Appearances Via Two times And I.O.I

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JYP Joins “Sisters’ Slam Dunk” Task With Appearances Via  Two times And I.O.I

JYP Joins “Sisters’ Slam Dunk” Assignment amongst Appearances ViaTwo times And I.O.Ileonid Would possibly 1, 2016 0 Park Jin Youngs promise to seem on Sisters Slam Dunk was oncepublished by Min Hyo Rin on a press conventionremaining month.

However, it turns out that he turned intono longer doing a one-off guesting, yet joining a project to lend a handprobably the mostgirls realize a dream. The acknowledged labor will continue right through the show, and should involve enlisting the assistance ofladyteams TWICe and I.O.I.

JTBC Announces A New Mukbang Display Featuring Lady Workforce Members

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JTBC Announces A New Mukbang Display Featuring Lady  Workforce Members

JTBC Announces A New Mukbang Display Featuring LadyTeamParticipants orionight Would possibly 1, 2016 0 Cable network JTBC is jumping at the mukbang bandwagon with plans for a new food-centric sort show.

On May just 2, a representative from JTBC told Television Report, “We’re making plans for a new show called ‘Girls Who Devour Well.’ We haven’t determined what time it'll be broadcast or who will seem on the show.”

JTBC has planned to bring Sung Chi Kyung on board as the director of the show. Sung Chi Kyung has prior to now worked on displays like “Children, The Life’s Biggest Blessing,” “With You,” and “Old House, New House.”

"Dear My Friends" beats "Lucky Romance"

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"Dear My Friends" is a amusing human drama starring Kim Hye-ja, Ko Doo-sim, Nah Moon-hee, Yoon Yeo-jeong, Park Won-sook, Sin Goo and more about the combined lives of the 'old' and the 'young'.

Those who voted for this drama say they look forward to the 'old' forgedand a few tell Ko Hyeon-jeong is at all times a hit. Some even say tvN dramas are bound to be great.

Second in position came "Lucky Romance" starring Hwang Jeong-eum and Ryu Jun-yeol whilst "Uncontrollably Fond" came in last.

BTS Sets “Fire” To The Tune Charts, Achieves “All-Kill”

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BTS Sets “Fire” To The Tune Charts, Achieves “All-Kill”

The group’s special album “Young Forever” used to be released at nighttime on Could 2, with name song “Fire.” The similar day at 7:00 a.m, the song crowned music charts on quite so much of music sites, adding Melon, Genie, Mnet, Naver Music, Olleh Music, Bugs, Soribada, and Monkey3, succeeding in a chart “all-kill.”

This special album is the 3rd and closing in BTS’s “The Most pretty Moment In Life” trilogy. It completes the series, which contained stories of candy sixteen and facing the future, even in insecure and threatening realities.

Give a spice up to the artist viapurchasing BTS – Young Forever from YesAsia Source (1)

Spoiler "Vampire Detective" Lee Cheong-ah warns Lee Joon

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Yo-na told Yoon San, "You may smartly beinvolved in who I'm and what took placein your friends". Yoon San struggled to loose himself but he couldn't get by.

Chen Bolin Asks Song Ji Hyo About Her Courting With Gary

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Chen Bolin Asks Song Ji Hyo About Her Courting With Gary

Chen Bolin Asks Song Ji Hyo About Her Dating amongst Garymcheller Would possibly 1, 2016 0 Song Ji Hyo’s imaginary husband, Chinese actor Chen Bolin, is jealous of Gary.

In the newest episode of “We Are in Love,” the Chinese edition of “We Were given Married,” earlier than leaving for a holiday in Finland, Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin have a heart-to-heart discussion.

In reply, the actress says that she’d been out with Gary without the alternative “Running Man” individualshandiest once. She stated since they’d known each and every other for the sort of long time, they were actuallyok withevery one other, and showed that they were just right friends.

iKON Teases Comeback Plans With New MV Filming

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iKON Teases Comeback Plans With New MV Filming

iKON Teases Comeback Plans With New MV Filmingorionight Would possibly 1, 2016 0 image fans, rejoice: the crowd is these days filming a new tune video!

The team is currently recording their new song, and news in their music video filming spread on social media, gaining a huge number of traction among fans. iKON’s agency, YG Entertainment, showedthe within track of the recording, even ifa particular comeback date has now not yet been made up our minds upon.

YG had no remark about the not sure comeback date, yet a representative told OSEN, “Please wait a bit bit, and we can come with just right news.” iKON’s comeback will practice in a string of sturdy comebacks from YG, adding Lee Hi and Akdong Musician.