Han Hye Jin And Healing Camp Team, Mannerless Support…. ‘National Embarrassment’

han hye jin, healing camp, london camp, london olympics asdf The actions of SBS entertainment program "Healing Camp" staff was put on top of a cutting board

, healing camp, london camp, london olympics

Han Hye Jin And Healing Camp Team, Mannerless Support.... 'National Embarrassment'  asdf

The actions of SBS entertainment program “Healing Camp” staff was put on top of a cutting board.

Lee Kyung Kyu, Han Hye Jin, and Kim Jae Dong’s Healing Camp filmed for special ‘London Camp’ episode in celebration of 2012 London Olympics.

What became the problem was Healing Camp team’s cheer in the audience seat for the shooting competition. Healing Camp team visited the shooting range to support Jin Jong Oh who received a gold medal for 10m shooting.

For shooting, the people in the audience cannot make any sound until all competitors have made their shots. All cheers and shouts are held until all players have completed their shots.

But once Jin Jong Oh’s gold medal was confirmed, the Healing Camp team screamed in joy, before all players were done shooting. In other words, they disturbed other players’ shooting. Han Hye Jin especially screamed so loudly that other cheering teams were uncomfortable with them.

It is true that it’s hard to contain the feelings of joy at a player receiving a gold medal, but the mannerless actions brought humiliation to our nation.

Photo Credit: Healing Camp

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