Korean drama starting today 2012/08/04 in Korea “Five Fingers”

Korean drama starting today 2012/08/04 in Korea "Five Fingers" (2012)Directed by Choi Yeong-hoonWritten by Kim Soon-okNetwork : SBSWith Chae Si-ra, Joo Ji-hoon, Ji Chang-wook, Ham Eun-jeong, Jo Min-ki, Nah Moon-hee,

starting today 2012/08/04 in Korea “Five Fingers” (2012)

Directed by Choi Yeong-hoon

Written by Kim Soon-ok

Network : SBS

With Chae Si-ra, Ji-hoon, Ji Chang-wook, Ham Eun-jeong, Jo Min-ki, Nah Moon-hee,…

30 episodes – Sat, Sun 21:50
Previously known as “The Piano Forest” (피아노의 숲, Pi-a-no-eui Soop)

A drama about youths and written by Kim Soon-ok from “Temptation of Wife“.

Baechigi release two versions of 'Mirage', the exciting ending theme to drama 'Three Days'
"Three Days" has finally released the song many of its viewers have been curious about as it serves as the ending theme for the drama. The artist behind the song is none other than hip hop duo Baechigi, who have come out with two versions of the song. The song is titled "Mirage" and viewers have heard it since the very first episode. To make it more fresh, we"re being treated to not just the ending theme version in the drama but another version with the featuring of singer Kim Bo Kyung...
Drama Ratings Stay Constant with Return from Cancellations
Coming back from where we left off on April 10, ratings appeared to be quite constant. Wednesday/Thursday dramas returned to broadcast after being canceled in the previous week due to the Sewol ferry sinking accident. While still praying for the victims and their families, viewers seemed to be waiting to return to normalcy with the ratings for all three dramas just picking up from where they last left off without a huge difference...
Lee Soo Hyuk joins Seo In Guk in upcoming tvN drama 'High School King'
Lee Soo Hyuk will join Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na in the upcoming tvN Mon-Tues drama "High School King" (aka "King of High School Life")! ...
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