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Eat, drink and be chilled

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Eat, drink and be chilled

Top Left: Mul-naengmyeon (Cold noodles in chilled broth) Right: Bibim naengmyeon (Cold noodles mixed in a spicy red sauce) Bottom Left: Mulhoe (Cold spicy raw fish soup) Right: Chogyetang (Chilled chicken soup) JoongAng Ilbo

The sweltering summers in Korea drain our energy and often cause us to lose our appetite. While fans and air conditioners seem to be the only way to survive, for many Koreans the most common way to make it through the humid season is simply to follow the yi-yeol-chi-yeol principle of treating heat with more heat.

It has the same meaning as the English expression "to fight fire with fire" and explains the long lines in front of chicken and ginseng soup restaurants on even the hottest days, as the soup is considered a stamina food.

It is true that sweating is the human body's natural way to cool itself. But while we crank up the AC, few expats seek out hot, spicy food in the summer.

Cooling down with a frosty refreshing treat is a quick and simple way to combat the heat, rather than sweating like a fountain, even though chicken soup is healthy and tasty.

While winter calls for hearty warming food, summer calls for something light and cold.

Here are some of your Korean friends' favorite summer lunch dishes and their origins. If you've had enough of sweating during the day and are looking to cool down with a good brain-freeze, run to the nearest restaurant serving these healthy, delicious and ice-cold summer foods.

It's one of the most popular cold noodle dishes in Korea and not only during summer time. Naengmyeon is a familiar scene at barbecue restaurants, where people often order it as a sort of chaser, even though they are stuffed with galbi or samgyupsal.

According to "Dongguksesigi", a book of customs written during the Joseon period, naengmyeon was originally a delicacy only available in winter, but the widespread adoption of refrigerators and freezers made it possible for people to enjoy a frosty cold noodle dish even on a hot summer day.

The most representative regions for naengmyeon are Pyeongyang and Hamheung in North Korea, and Jinju and Haeju in the South. As it is greatly popular among the public, we might assume that naengmyeon was a food for the commoners. However, it actually derived from Joseon-dynasty aristocrats.

At the time, there were high-class restaurants exclusive to high officials and noblemen. People drank and used to calm their stomachs with the cold noodle soup, and it soon became adopted as a hangover cure in the royal community.

After the fall of the Korean Empire, court chefs started cooking Emperor Gojong's favorite food at local restaurants for the general population. From that time on, the noodle dish became widely popular among all social standings.

The two most well-known varieties are noodles in a chilled broth mixed with dongchimi (radish water kimchi) juice, and noodles mixed in a spicy red sauce. Both dishes are usually decorated with a slice of beef brisket and a hard-boiled egg.

It is okay to be surprised by the great taste and flavor, but don't be confused when the waiter puts a set of kitchen scissors on your table. You can cut the long, chewy noodles yourself, or they will give the ball of noodles a few snips for you.

(Cold, spicy raw fish soup)

"Hoe" is raw fish, and "mulhoe" refers to a raw fish soup. It's a dish made of thinly sliced fresh raw fish and assorted vegetables in a mixture of water and a spicy sauce with a little bit of vinegar. The dish usually comes in an icy cold, spicy broth or almost like a slushee of crushed ice. Just holding a stainless bowl full of mulhoe will freeze your hands!

Pohang, South Gyeongsang, is known as the origin of the dish. When fishermen were too busy tending to their nets and rods to sit down for a proper meal, they would slice whatever fish they had already caught, thinly like noodles, mix it with vegetables and a watery gochujang sauce, and slurp it up.

Fishermen would drink alcohol in a misguided attempt to fight against the cold on a boat in the ocean, so the spicy raw fish soup also served as a good hangover cure to calm their upset stomachs. Every mouthful will give you a sensation of the tangy flavor and chewy texture in one package.

While raw fish at restaurants is relatively expensive, mulhoe can be enjoyed at affordable prices throughout the year and any kinds of seafood can serve as the main ingredient, including squid, abalone or any white fish. The frosty cold dish is high in protein and its delicious trinity of savory, spicy and sour is definitely great for recovering from a hangover or lost appetite, especially when your tired body needs some energy.

Chogyetang (Chilled chicken soup)

The epitome of the summer stamina food is samgyetang, a hot chicken soup with ginseng, but it can be enjoyed cold as well.

Chicken served in a zesty cold beef broth with fresh vegetables and medicinal herbs is another stamina food on hot summer days. It is called chogyetang, and consists of finely shredded chicken mixed with toppings such as radish, cabbage and pear. It's flavored with vinegar and mustard as the name hints - "cho" means vinegar and "gye" is North Korean dialect, referring to mustard, not chicken like the Chinese character. It is popular as a great healthy food as all ingredients are low in calories.

Originally, it was also a court food during the Joseon dynasty in Pyeongyang, Hamgyeong and Pyeongan provinces in North Korea. Joseon kings enjoyed this summer stamina food and it was frequently served at court banquets.

If the idea of hot food when the temperature is in the 30s makes you nauseous, try these icy cold summer dishes that will help you fight the summer heat smart, while being refreshed and staying cool as we wait for relief in the fall.

By Michelle Kang Contributing writer

Shim Hyun Tak and iKON's Kim Jin Hwan cope with a disabled cat

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Because Lucky's hind legs were paralyzed it could noteffectivelyunencumber its bowels and had to wear diapers at all times. Shim Hyung Tak and Jin Hwan's assignment of looking afterFortunateconcernedassisting the cat release its physically waste. Careful not to harm the cat, Shim Hyung Tak gently squeezed the decreaseframe of the cat whilst Jin Hwan stood via alongside a diaper in his hand.

It's transparent that neither big name is used to taking care of a cat, especially a cat with a disability, yet it's candyto peer them treating the poor creature so gently! 

Results for the “Idol Superstar Athletics Championship” Men and Women’s 400m Relay Are Out

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Results for the “Idol Superstar Athletics Championship” Men and Women’s 400m Relay Are Out

Results for the Idol Megastar Athletics Championship Men and Womens 400m Relay Are Outck525 February 10, 2016 0 Spoiler alert for folks that haven’t watched the “2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships”

A Pink, EXID, G-Friend, and Lovelyz competed every other in the play-offs for the women’s 400m relay. A Pink, who had won gold closing year, once back took the crown. EXID got here in second, whilst G-Friend came in as third.

BTS, B.A.P, VIXX, and BTOB made it to the finals of the men’s 400m relay. BTS took the gold medal, B.A.P took 2nd place, and VIXX came in third.

Lee Sung Min Is Filming 'Memory'

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Lee Sung Min Is Filming 'Memory'

Lee Sung Min these days won compliment for his role as the hardworking branch manager in the marvel cable hit "Misaeng." After "Misaeng" he had a cameo functionality in "Hogu's Love" and also gave the impression in the ancient drama "Splendid Politics." He's also been in a string of moviesthroughout the last two years, adding 'Venus Talk," "Kundo: Age of Rampant," "My Vibrant Life," "The Piper" and this week's box place of work reach "A Violent Prosecutor." In "A Violent Prosecutor," he plays an assistant prosecutor.

"Memory" also stars Kim Ji Su, last noticed in the drama "One Warm Word" and the movie "Gangnam Blues." Kim plays Search engine optimization Young Joo, Park Tae Suk's ex-wife, who now serves as a judge.

Park Tae Suk's diagnosis and aggravating symptoms will also lead him to imagine the relationships in his life and have a look at to mend fences. His relationships are complicated. He has an ex-wife and a present wife.

Kwak Si Yang finds how it used to be when he first met Kim So Yeon on 'We Were given Married'

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In a up to date interview with TV Daily, actor Kwak Si Yang mentioned 'We Were given Married' in which he's paired up with Kim So Yeon.  The couple is doing really well and receiving loads of love!

He said, "For the primary filming of 'We Got Married,' I actually had no concept who used to be going to come out.  I had some combinations that I imagined.  There became an actor-actor couple and a singer-singer couple, so I presumed there might be an actor-singer formation this time, so I used to befascinated about who would come out, yet then I saw Kim So Yeon.  At that point 1 was taken aback, wondering, 'Why is Kim So Yeon here?' and, 'Is Kim So Yeon my wife?'"

Regarding their first meeting, Kwak Si Yang admitted, "When I first saw Kim So Yeon, I was also very shy.  I did notmeans her viafeelings but viaa chain of nerves. Of course, we movieeach two weeks so every time I pass into filming, there is somewhat of awkwardness, but now, just sharing a couple of words straight away makes me feel at ease.  It's transformherbalto hang her hand, and I think that we havedevelop intook withone another when we comic story around.  Also, after 'We Got Married' filming is over, we do not just separate after saying, 'Good job,' but we converse, and we even touchevery oneevery so often on days we do not film.  After filming ends, the feelings linger for a few days."

Spoiler Added episode 36 captures for the Korean drama 'Glamorous Temptation'

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Added episode 36 captures for the Korean drama "Glamorous Temptation" (2015)Directed by potential of Kim Hee-won-II, Kim Sang-hyeobWritten by Cha I-yeong, Son Yeong-mokNetwork : MBCWith Choi Kang-hee, Joo Sang-wook, Cha Ye-ryeon, Jeong Jin-yeong, Kim Mi-kyeong, Lee Jae-yoon-I,...50 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00Also referred to as "Fancy Seduction"Synopsis"Fancy Seduction" is the tale of a set of buddies and their excellent and bad facets of life. There is abloodlesscombat and a warm circle of relativestale in the drama too.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2015/10/05

SPICA disclose plans for their comeback!

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SPICA's firm reported on February 10, "SPICA is making ready a new album with all the members.  We have now not yet made up our mindsat theprecise comeback date.  Our comeback purpose is for April and we are in the word of collecting songs.  Although we did notcome to a decisionwhat sort of album this would possibly increasingly be, it's far being ready as a mini-album."

Netizens Claim Those GIFs Of Popular K-Pop Idols Are MUST-SAVE

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I will also update those later too.

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thecommon article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximumneatly liked comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

Korean Ladies Debate Which WHITE Items They suspect Are The PRETTIEST

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Korean Ladies Debate Which WHITE Items  They suspect Are The PRETTIEST

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximum well liked comments at the time of this text being published.

231 / -1 Hahahaahahahaahah f*ck.. (When I saw number 1) Isnt it obtrusive 1?? (When I saw number 2) Isnt it apparent 2?? (When I saw number 3) Isnt it manifestly 3?? . f*ck.. my handicapped resolution making talents

Himchan stocks a quick preview to new song 'My Girl'

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Himchan stocks  a quick preview to new song 'My Girl'

Much like "Carnival," "My Girl" sounds lighthearted and airy; no less thanthat is whatwe willacquire from the short 13-second preview on Himchan's Twitter. Either songs appearto slot the cheery symbol of the group's comeback which have been bursting with pops of color. 

'One Day One Chance' Song Video From 'School OZ' Hologram Musical Presentations SMTown Stars In An exhilarating New Way

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'One Day One Chance' Song Video From 'School OZ' Hologram Musical Presentations SMTown Stars In An exhilarating New Way

(Photo : SM Entertainment) SM Entertainments School Oz hologram musical can most effective be observed in South Korea, yet now the entertainment firm has released an reliablesong video from its star-studded musical.

On Saturday, the K-pop powerhouse unveiled a video for the song One Day One Chance from its hologram musical School Oz. The number, a bombastic, uplifting song, is led via TVXQs Changmin but functions the vocals of several SM Entertainment artists who seemin class Oz.

f(x)s Luna, Red Velvets Seulgi, EXOs Suho and Xiumin, and SHINees Key all appear in the music video at the facet of Changmin and be offering backing vocals at the track.