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Eat, drink and be chilled

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Eat, drink and be chilled

Top Left: Mul-naengmyeon (Cold noodles in chilled broth) Right: Bibim naengmyeon (Cold noodles mixed in a spicy red sauce) Bottom Left: Mulhoe (Cold spicy raw fish soup) Right: Chogyetang (Chilled chicken soup) JoongAng Ilbo

The sweltering summers in Korea drain our energy and often cause us to lose our appetite. While fans and air conditioners seem to be the only way to survive, for many Koreans the most common way to make it through the humid season is simply to follow the yi-yeol-chi-yeol principle of treating heat with more heat.

It has the same meaning as the English expression "to fight fire with fire" and explains the long lines in front of chicken and ginseng soup restaurants on even the hottest days, as the soup is considered a stamina food.

It is true that sweating is the human body's natural way to cool itself. But while we crank up the AC, few expats seek out hot, spicy food in the summer.

Cooling down with a frosty refreshing treat is a quick and simple way to combat the heat, rather than sweating like a fountain, even though chicken soup is healthy and tasty.

While winter calls for hearty warming food, summer calls for something light and cold.

Here are some of your Korean friends' favorite summer lunch dishes and their origins. If you've had enough of sweating during the day and are looking to cool down with a good brain-freeze, run to the nearest restaurant serving these healthy, delicious and ice-cold summer foods.

It's one of the most popular cold noodle dishes in Korea and not only during summer time. Naengmyeon is a familiar scene at barbecue restaurants, where people often order it as a sort of chaser, even though they are stuffed with galbi or samgyupsal.

According to "Dongguksesigi", a book of customs written during the Joseon period, naengmyeon was originally a delicacy only available in winter, but the widespread adoption of refrigerators and freezers made it possible for people to enjoy a frosty cold noodle dish even on a hot summer day.

The most representative regions for naengmyeon are Pyeongyang and Hamheung in North Korea, and Jinju and Haeju in the South. As it is greatly popular among the public, we might assume that naengmyeon was a food for the commoners. However, it actually derived from Joseon-dynasty aristocrats.

At the time, there were high-class restaurants exclusive to high officials and noblemen. People drank and used to calm their stomachs with the cold noodle soup, and it soon became adopted as a hangover cure in the royal community.

After the fall of the Korean Empire, court chefs started cooking Emperor Gojong's favorite food at local restaurants for the general population. From that time on, the noodle dish became widely popular among all social standings.

The two most well-known varieties are noodles in a chilled broth mixed with dongchimi (radish water kimchi) juice, and noodles mixed in a spicy red sauce. Both dishes are usually decorated with a slice of beef brisket and a hard-boiled egg.

It is okay to be surprised by the great taste and flavor, but don't be confused when the waiter puts a set of kitchen scissors on your table. You can cut the long, chewy noodles yourself, or they will give the ball of noodles a few snips for you.

(Cold, spicy raw fish soup)

"Hoe" is raw fish, and "mulhoe" refers to a raw fish soup. It's a dish made of thinly sliced fresh raw fish and assorted vegetables in a mixture of water and a spicy sauce with a little bit of vinegar. The dish usually comes in an icy cold, spicy broth or almost like a slushee of crushed ice. Just holding a stainless bowl full of mulhoe will freeze your hands!

Pohang, South Gyeongsang, is known as the origin of the dish. When fishermen were too busy tending to their nets and rods to sit down for a proper meal, they would slice whatever fish they had already caught, thinly like noodles, mix it with vegetables and a watery gochujang sauce, and slurp it up.

Fishermen would drink alcohol in a misguided attempt to fight against the cold on a boat in the ocean, so the spicy raw fish soup also served as a good hangover cure to calm their upset stomachs. Every mouthful will give you a sensation of the tangy flavor and chewy texture in one package.

While raw fish at restaurants is relatively expensive, mulhoe can be enjoyed at affordable prices throughout the year and any kinds of seafood can serve as the main ingredient, including squid, abalone or any white fish. The frosty cold dish is high in protein and its delicious trinity of savory, spicy and sour is definitely great for recovering from a hangover or lost appetite, especially when your tired body needs some energy.

Chogyetang (Chilled chicken soup)

The epitome of the summer stamina food is samgyetang, a hot chicken soup with ginseng, but it can be enjoyed cold as well.

Chicken served in a zesty cold beef broth with fresh vegetables and medicinal herbs is another stamina food on hot summer days. It is called chogyetang, and consists of finely shredded chicken mixed with toppings such as radish, cabbage and pear. It's flavored with vinegar and mustard as the name hints - "cho" means vinegar and "gye" is North Korean dialect, referring to mustard, not chicken like the Chinese character. It is popular as a great healthy food as all ingredients are low in calories.

Originally, it was also a court food during the Joseon dynasty in Pyeongyang, Hamgyeong and Pyeongan provinces in North Korea. Joseon kings enjoyed this summer stamina food and it was frequently served at court banquets.

If the idea of hot food when the temperature is in the 30s makes you nauseous, try these icy cold summer dishes that will help you fight the summer heat smart, while being refreshed and staying cool as we wait for relief in the fall.

By Michelle Kang Contributing writer

Spoiler 'Lucky Romance' Hwang Jeong-eum and Ryu Jun-yeol get inebriated and kiss each and every other

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However, Won Dae-hae failed todisplay up on the day of presentation so Bonnie had to do the presentation. Bonnie dressed in a raccoon suit and mask finished the presentation. When she took off the mask, Je Soo-ho was surprised. He later also discovered out that Bonnie was so talented she can have been hired at Jeje in the past.

Je Soo-ho himself went to fulfill Bonnie to scout her. But, because Bonnie was on the point ofcross on a date with Choi Geon-wook (Lee Soo-hyeok), she driven Je Soo-ho away. At the moment, Choi Geon-wookshowed up and Bonnie let Je Soo-ho inside of her area quickly. And an unforeseen skinship happened between two.

Any ways, an epilogue scene at the end published what happened when Bonnie was black-out under the impact of alcohol on the old night. Bonnie drunk-kissed Je Soo-ho. While Bonnie had desperately looking for a romance with a guy born in the year of tiger, the romance had in truth begun without her knowing.

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Song Hye Kyo Dishes On Lifestyles As A Superstar With Star1 Magazine

Song Hye Kyo Dishes On Existence equally A Famous person alongside Star1 Mag ehk38 Would possibly 26, 2016 0 In a up to date pictorial and interview with @star1 magazine, Descendants of the Sun star Song Hye Kyo dishes on living life as a celebrity.

Song Hye Kyo shares, There isnt much of a difference in my day to day life. When Im no longer acting or working, Im just at housedining and snoozing with disheveled hair (Laughs) If theres anything elsethe severaldue to the being Song Hye Kyo, its that I am getting discounts at restaurants and extras for unfastened (Laughs).

And of direction that numerousother folksrespect me, she continues. It's now not that i am inconvenienced viathe truth that so muchof individuals recognize me and prefer me. I suspect if thats demanding to maintain then you nearly certainly shouldnt be in this line of work.

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When the side dish preparer was rummaging rubbish Kim Dahae threw away, she was stunnedto discover a document. She then went to Moo-myeong in its place of Go Kang-sook. Moo-myeong was passed over the report stealthily in a converting room. The document was a result of genetic trying out to end up that Kim Gil-do and Kim Dahae were father and daughter.

EXO Stocks Teaser For New Legit Gentle Stick

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EXO Stocks Teaser For New Legit  Gentle Stick

EXO Stocks Teaser For New AuthenticGentle Stickilmare42 Would possibly 26, 2016 0 SM Entertainment has shared a glimpse of a new official light stick for enthusiasts of its hit boy crew EXO!

The firm has released a teaser poster for the light stick that bestdisplays its silhouette, yetfinds that the hotedition of EXO’s official light stick can be released in July. It promises in important points at the ground that more information about the new product will be released later.

EXO maximumcurrently released their special mini album Sing For You ultimate December. They are currently getting ready for a comeback, which the contributors have hinted is planned for this summer.

Tablo Encourages Aspiring Artist With Tale About Yang Hyun Suk

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Tablo Encourages Aspiring Artist With Tale About Yang Hyun Suk

Tablo Encourages Aspiring Artist With Tale around Yang Hyun Sukehk38 Would possibly 26, 2016 0 On Could 26, Epik Prime held a reside Tablos Dreaming Radio special by approach of Naver V App.

During the broadcast, some of the listeners stocks with Tablo his struggles as an aspiring artist who has failed several auditions at YG Entertainment over the years.

Tablo responds with a story, A bit of after my debut, I were given into YG Entertainment, and Yang Hyun Suk told me that he told off all of theworkers that had listened and now not listened to my demo CD in the past.

I.O.I And “Produce 101″ Trainee Jeon So Yeon Display Give a spice up to For CLC’s Comeback

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I.O.I And “Produce 101″ Trainee Jeon So Yeon Display  Give a spice up to For CLC’s Comeback

I.O.I And bring 101 Trainee Jeon So Yeon DisplayStrengthen For CLCs ComebackJiwonYu Would possibly 26, 2016 0 On May just 26, CLC uploaded videos to its legit social media accounts, appearing I.O.I and trainee Jeon So Yeon from Produce 101 supporting CLCs comeback.

I.O.Is Jeon Somi, Zhou Jieqiong, Lim Nayoung, Kim Sohye, and Choi Yoojung cheer on CLC in the video via saying, We heard that CLC is coming back as a seven-member staff on Can also 30. We are hoping yous give love to CLC and I.O.I as well.

In any other video, Jeon So Yeon cheers on CLC as well. After changing intoabsolute bestbuddies with Kwon Eunbin thru Produce 101, she tells the fans, Kwon Eunbin could be joining CLC after having seemed on Produce 101. Kwon Eunbin, at all timesremainsturdy and I am hoping you get the niceeffects that you worked so demanding for.

TWICE To Be The recent Move Scholars On “Ask Us Anything”

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TWICE To Be The recent  Move  Scholars On “Ask Us Anything”

Make stronger the artist viapurchasing Page Two from YesAsia Related Tags Ask Us AnythingTWICEPost NavigationOutdatedTaleWatch: BTS’s V Reunites With Kim Min Jae And Talks About Crying At Concert On “Celebrity Bromance”

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Yano Shiho Enjoys An Ice Cream Date With Daughter Chu Sarang

Yano Shiho Enjoys An Ice Cream Date With Daughter Chu Sarangehk38 Would possibly 26, 2016 0 Choo Sarang is creating up so fast!

She writes, Its the season when ice cream is yummy! At the moment Sarang is in the addictionof exclaiming I wish todevour ice cream~ when she gets back from school.

Watch: BTS’s V Reunites With Kim Min Jae And Talks About Crying At Concert On “Celebrity Bromance”

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Watch: BTS’s V Reunites With Kim Min Jae And Talks About Crying At Concert On “Celebrity Bromance”

Watch: BTS’s V Reunites With Kim Min Jae And Talks About Crying At Concert On “Celebrity Bromance”ilmare42 Would possibly 26, 2016 0 On Could 26’s special episode of “Celebrity Bromance,” BTS member V and Kim Min Jae reunite to chat behind the scenes at “Music Core”!

Kim Min Jae and V prior to nowprinted their close friendship as the primary duad of celebrity palson the net series Famous person Bromance. The maximum recent episode first follows V as he arrives at the Track substance studio and rehearses “Butterfly” with his bandmates, and then presentationsthe gang taping a functionality of “Fire.”

V provides Kim Min Jae a signed edition of BTS’s special album “Young Forever,” and the 2 guys discuss how V had purchased Kim Min Jae a price tagto peer their concert. “It changed into a once in an whole liferevel in for you,” says V. Kim Min Jae laughs and says, “Can’t I pass again?” yet 5 jokes that he shouldn’t even dream of it. “But perhapswhenever you do what I say,” he then adds. “I’ll consider it.”

AOA’s Seolhyun Opens Up About Make Up Blunder At Awards Ceremony

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AOA’s Seolhyun Opens Up About Make Up Blunder At Awards Ceremony

AOAs Seolhyun Opens Up About Make Up Blunder At Awards Rite ehk38 Would possibly 26, 2016 0 At theCould 26 episode of KBS 2TVs Glad Together, womancrew AOAs Seolhyun seems equally a guest.

Netizens spottedthe pointy contrast between the colour of Seolhyuns face and her neck during the awards ceremony, which came aboutfinal year on November 26.

She also stocks about how her insecurity made her fear about performing on Law of the Jungle, Even ahead of leaving for Law of the Jungle I truly worried a lot. I had bad memories from the last time I published my dark skin, yetI used to be having to reveal my dark skin just as the ones were going away