KARA Han Seungyeon Uploads a Self Camera Photo

KARA Han Seungyeon Uploads a Self Camera Photo "I Feel Good Today"

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On the afternoon of July 3, Han Seungyeon uploaded a photo with a comment saying "I feel good today."

In the uploaded photo, Han Seungyeon has her hair tied up in a ponytail and is showing off her sharp facial line. She gives off more of a mature feeling without her baby cheeks, but her big eyes, small nose and small face still shows off her original cute charm.

The internet users who saw the photos replied saying "Did she loose weight?" "She looks the best when she ties up her hair," "her face is so small," "she looks so young!" and "she looked cuter when she had cheeks."

On the other hand, KARA is releasing their fifth mini album at the end of the month and making their comeback to the music industry.

Photo Credit: Seungyeon Twitter