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[RECAP] T-ara's bullying scandal + Hwayoung's termination timeline

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[RECAP] T-aras bullying scandal + Hwayoungs termination timelineCore Contents Media's (hereby referred to as CCM) CEO announced shocking news through a press release regarding their popular girl group T-ara a few days ago. CEO Kim Kwangsoo shocked many T-ara fans after stating that he had terminated T-ara member Hwayoung's contract in order to keep her protected from her rumored "bullying" situation and her supercilious behavior to their staff.

In this editorial, we will recap the current T-ara controversy from the initial accusations all the way to T-ara's current status and their plans for the future.

Due to the lengthy report, the article has been divided into parts and an index has been provided for easy reading.

2011 Reports: Leader Eunjung getting bullied?

Reports of T-ara bullying Hwayoung rise

T-ara members leave controversial tweets, Hwayoung and Hyoyoung's tweets

CCM's CEO Kim Kwangsoo to make official announcement on July 30th

Netizens uncover evidence of T-ara bullying Hwayoung

Netizens demand Eunjung be pulled from drama and variety shows

CCM's CEO Kim Kwangsoo announces Hwayoung's contract termination and leave from T-ara

Read the full press release here

T-Jinyo, "We want the truth from T-ara," opens; T-ara's cafe loses a large amount of members

Netizens petition for T-ara to disband

Celebrities and PDs react to scandal

Backup dancer, trainee, and staff member speak up on Hwayoung being bullied

CCM responds to accusatory posts by backup dancer and CCM trainee

T-ara's advertisement contracts in jeopardy

Rising demands for Eunjung, Soyeon, and Hyomin to be removed from their drama roles

CEO Kim Kwangsoo's explanation, possibility of Hwayoung rejoining

Eunjung admits to bullying and apologizes?

T-ara's largest fansite to shut down on August 15th

Hwayoung apologizes on Twitter, reconciles with CEO Kim Kwangsoo

Hwayoung and Hyoyoung visit Maru Entertainment


Bullying within idol groups is not unheard of, and T-ara is only one of the many K-Pop groups who have suffered from bullying accusations. For example, in 2011, popular girl group KARA was on the verge of breaking up after four of its members (sans Park Gyuri) was reported to have issued a termination notice of their exclusive contract with DSP Media.

This resulted in netizens questioning whether Park Gyuri had been bullied by Seungyeon, which brought netizens to then wonder if T-ara's Eunjung had also been bullied in her group. Just a month before this report by the Korean news media, Hwayoung had been added to T-ara and the leadership role was handed over to Boram.

In the report, Eunjung refuted the bullying rumors, saying, "When these member controversies and bullying rumors started spreading around, we all just said 'huh?' and laughed about it." [1]

Eunjung is not the only member in T-ara that was reportedly being "bullied." In the past, reports stating that Soyeon and Boram were bullied also surfaced. [2]

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Kim Min Jung Addresses the Debatable Factor of Sponsorship in the Entertainment Industry

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Kim Min Jung Addresses the Debatable  Factor of Sponsorship in the Entertainment Industry

Kim Min Jung Addresses the ArguableFactor of Sponsorship in the Entertainment Industrykminjungee February 14, 2016 0 Actress Kim Min Jung has mentioned her opinion on the controversy at the back of entertainment sponsorships.

On February 14, Kim Min Jung posted on her non-public Instagram an image of SBS’s “We Would like to Know,” at the aspect of a long caption.

The February thirteen broadcast of “We Need to Know” findsthe truth behind sponsors in the entertainment world, and resulted in a gigantic impact.

Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Seok Get Married and Verify Emotions With Lie Detector on “We Were given Married”

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Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Seok Get Married and Verify  Emotions With Lie Detector on “We Were given Married”

Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Seok Get Married and VerifyEmotions alongside Lie Detector on We Were given Marriedleejojoba February 14, 2016 0 Actors Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Seok after all got married at the February thirteen episode of MBC’s “We Got Married.” It was onceactuallyan unbelievable marriage ceremonyrite for the “Oh-Ye Couple.”

Oh Min Seok readyan outside wedding for his bride Kang Ye Won. He pulled off the entiretyvia himself, being the groom, emcee, or even officiating the ceremony. As Kang Ye Won walked in dressed in a pretty white wedding gown, the good-looking groom couldn’t take his eyes off of his gorgeous bride.

The candy romance endured on as the couple arrived in their room. The 2 lovebirds shared a love shot as they exchanged risqué jokes fitting for a newlywed couple.

Taeyeon win #1 on SBS' 'Inkigayo' performances from WINNER, 4minute, AOA Cream & more

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Taeyeon win #1 on SBS' 'Inkigayo'   performances from WINNER, 4minute, AOA Cream & more

SBS' 'Inkigayo' aired its latest episode with full of life and a laugh performances from your favourite idols. Joining us were MCs BTOB's Sungjae, GOT7's Jackson and MC Kim Yoo Jung. In addition, WINNER's Kang Seung Yoon served as a unique guest MC. 

On this episode, AOA Cream debuted with "I'm Jelly BABY", WINNER returned with "Sentimental", Yoo Seung Woo returned with "Whatever", and 4minute made their comeback with "Hate".

As for the winner, Winner, Taeyeon, and G-Friend were the nominees, yet it was Taeyeon who took the win with "Rain" for the 3rd week in a row. Congratulations to  Taeyeon!!

Jeff Bernat Believes G-Dragon May just Be triumphant in the yank Market

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Jeff Bernat Believes G-Dragon May just  Be triumphant in the yank Market

Jeff Bernat Believes G-Dragon MayBe triumphant in the yankeeMarketplace hellohalcyon February 14, 2016 0 Jeff Bernat held a concert for 2 days in Seoul this weekend and sat down with Star News for an interview.

During the interview, he used to be asked about which Korean artists he thinks would have the maximum efficientprobability at succeeding in the U.S. market. He responded, A few of the Korean artists I know, there are 3other people that I suspect who could succeed. One is BIGBANGG-Dragon, who is already very popular. G-Dragon is unique. He'sother than any individual in the world. He is like Koreas Pharrell Williams, Jeff Bernat said.

He continued, Some other artist would be 2NE1s CL. She is already popular in the U.S. and known in the world. The closinguser would be Dean. Dean is at all times making new tune and music that predicts trends. I believe that those three artists can succeed large in the American market.

SEVENTEEN Announces Reputable Fan Club Call at Concert

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SEVENTEEN Announces Reputable Fan Club Call at Concert

SEVENTEEN Announces Reputable Fan Club Call at Concertjun2yng February 14, 2016 0 SEVENTEEN announced their official fan club name at their concert “LIKE SEVENTEEN — Boys Wish” hung on February 14.

After the group’s initial performances of “Mansae,” “NO F.U.N,” and “Rock,” team member Hoshi said, “We have a press release to make.” Leader S.Coups continued, “All of you made us shine so bright. From now own, you're our Carat,” which was once met with wild cheers from fans.

The name Carat for SEVENTEEN’s fan club becomedeterminedby way of a fan vote, with other probabilitiesadding Same and Tinker Bell.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Grabs First Win for “Rain” on “Inkigayo”

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Grabs First Win for “Rain” on “Inkigayo”

Girls Generations Taeyeon Grabs First Win for Rain on Inkigayojun2yng February 14, 2016 0 Congratulations to Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon for her “Inkigayo” win on February 14! In spite ofnow not having made an appearance at the show, the singer used to bein a position to take No. 1 with prime pre-broadcast points, with GFRIEND in 2ndposition amongst “Rough” and WINNER following in 3rd with “Sentimental.”

Meanwhile, performers in this week’s “Inkigayo” come with 4Minute, WINNER, GFRIEND, Teen Top, Dalshabet, AOA Cream, Laboum, and more.

GFRIENDs Yuju and BTOBs Yook Sungjae also joined forces for a distinct Valentines Day functionality of Miracle, which you'll be able to watch below!

Meat-Heavy Vitamin Connected to Depression

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A learn aboutdisplays that dining vegetables is larger for beating the blues than gobbling down meat. A team of researchers at Daedong Medical institution in Busan and Seoul National University Facultyof medication showed that Koreans who have a heavy meat nutrition like westerners have a tendency to be more vulnerable to depression.Researchers classified the diets of 9,717 adults into 3 categories: Western (meat, fried foods, carbonated drinks, immediate noodles and ice cream), Korean (vegetables, seafood and fish) and vegetarian (fruits, vegetables and grains). They then analyzed the dating between diet and depression.

If the frequency of depression among all the participants is determined at 1, other people with Western diets showed a frequency of 1.148. In contrast, vegetarians had a frequency of 0.9, which means that eating vegetables can scale backthe probabilities of depression. A Korean-style diet had no affect on depression.Researchers say vegetables involvea number ofnutrients and beta-carotene which decreaserigidity and combat infections, thereby chopping depression. Yet kernelintake lowers degrees of antioxidants and folic acid, causing pressurephases to upward thrust and making individuals edgier. "Depression isn'tonlybrought aboutby capacity of nutrients, but is suffering froma massive range of factors", a researcher said. "But we consider that a vegetarian diet maysupport symptoms". The findings were published in the Magazine of the Korean Academy of Circle of relatives Medicine.

Lyn Brings the Target audience to Tears on “Immortal Song”

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Lyn Brings the Target audience to Tears on “Immortal Song”

Lyn Brings the Target audience to Tears on Immortal Songkminjungee February 13, 2016 0 KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Song” commemorated veteran singer Choi Baek Ho on the February thirteen episode.

Lyn, who was once the closing performer of the day, sings “Father,” whilst reminiscing about her own dad. The audience cries at the mix of her warm and sorrowful voice, and the lyrics that pull at the heartstrings. Lyn continues to sing till the end, regardless of being in tears herself, and cries profusely once her functionality is over.

The other performers of the day integrated Nam Sung Il, Park Ki Young, Sweet Sorrow, Lyn, So Jun Ho, Lazybone, and Kim Bo Kyung.

Se7en making ready for a comeback with his first album in four years

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Se7en making ready for a comeback with his first album in four years

Se7en entered the armyservices and products in March 2013, returning in to the public in December 2014. Additionally, his contract with YG Entertainment used to be mutually now not renewed as Se7en went directly to create his own agency, ELEVEN9. Since then, he has been keepingoccasions in Japan in additionperforming in his first musical Elizabeth.

CL and Model Dressmaker Alexander Wang Are #SquadGoals

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CL and Model  Dressmaker Alexander Wang Are #SquadGoals

CL and TypeDressmaker Alexander Wang Are #SquadGoalsehk38 February 13, 2016 0 2NE1s CL continues to rub shoulders with leading American creatives.

The singer, who is understood for her friendship with Moschinos ingenious director Jeremy Scott, used to belately spotted at the Saint Laurent fashion display in Los Angeles as smartly as the Alexander Wang fall 2016 prove at Manhattan way Week.

On February 14, CL posted onto Instagram a sequence of videos and footage from her time at the Alexander Wang show, adding a videos of her interactions with the designer backstage.