Taiwanese drama "When Love Walked In" starring f(x)'s Victoria and Super Junior M's Zhoumito air next week

Taiwanese drama When Love Walked In starring f(x)s Victoria and Super Junior Ms Zhoumito air next weekIn mid-July we reported that f(x)'s Victoria had revealed photos from her upcoming Taiwanese drama, "When Love Walked In." It was also revealed that Super Junior M's Zhoumi would also be partaking in the drama. The drama will also feature Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen.

The drama has been confirmed to premiere on August 9th on GTV in Taiwan and Shenzhen, Anhui and Shanxi Satellite Television in China.

The drama revolves around Shen Ya Yin (Victoria), who is the granddaughter of a wealthy chairman. She is chased after by both Qiu Yu Jiang (Calvin) and Lu Shang Lin (Zhoumi). To add to the complications of the love triangle are two other women. One who chases after Qiu Yu Jiang, and another who is after the wealth of the chairman and impersonates Shen Ya Yin.

Check out the trailer below.

Will you be watching the drama?

Source: iheartfxsubs