Chain of events on T-ara Hwayoung departure scandal

Chain of events on T-ara Hwayoung departure scandal

Recent events are becoming increasingly serious. Hwayoung was “kicked” from T-ara is probably one of the biggest shocks for the Kpop lovers in July 30th. Hwayoung was born on 22 April 1993 in Gwangju, South Korea. She was added into T-ara in July 2010 as their seventh member.

At 11 a.m July 30th (localtime), the management company Core Content Media has given notice of the appointment of T-ara. According to the message given by CEO Kim Kwang Soo, Hwayoungs contract with Core Content Media ended after the company received complaints from 19 people in the team to work with T-ara . After Core Contents Media CEO Kim Kwang Soo announced that T-ara member Hwayoung had acted in an ‘unacceptable’ attitude on a number of occasions, an incident that took place between Hwayoung and Jiyeon has also been revealed. Core Content Media CEO announced to cut the contract with Hwayoung because she had proper behaviors that impact negatively on the companys employees.

Before this, netizens have found many photos and information as evidences Hwayoung was boycotted by other members.

This started when Hwayoung wounded in her leg and could not fully participate in performances of T-ara in Japan. But the tweet of T-ara on July 25th  made fans furios because they felt that the rest T-ara members were ridiculing Hwayoungs determination and they also criticism T-ara of their indifferent attitude. It is noteworthy that CEO Kim denied any rumors of Hwayoung were boycotted by the other members, but did not provide answers to specific evidences of netizens. T-ara members said that they wish Hwayoung to stay in the group, this stark contrast to what netizens felt in the earlier days.

Among the many that are stepping forward to offer some more insight on the T-ara controversy, is a netizen who claims to be a former T-ara back-up dancer. The post is going viral online, and in it, the dancer describes in detail of a time Jiyeon had slapped Hwayoung across the face. Post like these attesting to the bullying attacks against Hwayoung continue to surface on portal site community boards, causing netizens to become all the more eager to uncover the truth. Core Content Media also announced that does not endorse any bad news which is spreading on the Internet. After Core Contents Media CEO Kim Kwang Soo announced that T-ara member Hwayoung had acted in an ‘unacceptable’ attitude on a number of occasions, an incident that took place between Hwayoung and Jiyeon has also been revealed. According to an industry insider, there was an incident that took place back in 2010 where Hwayoung did not oblige with T-ara’s manager who asked the girls to prepare for their stage performance. This brewed some quarrel amongst the girls, and Hyomin who grew tired of her attitude gave Hwayoung a piece of her mind, but Hwayoung reportedly refused to listen to Hyomin as well. Fellow member Jiyeon who was observing the situation also stepped up to say something to Hwayoung, causing the two to begin arguing. Following the fight with Hwayoung. Following the fight with Hwayoung, Jiyeon was then unable to properly focus on stage, and the way the camera captured Jiyeon made it seem as though she had an attitude problem.

Meanwhile, CCM reported that Hwayoung suddenly refused to participate in T-ara’s July 27th ‘Music Bank‘ stage, with only two groups before them left to go. On the way home, Hwayoung, in front of fans and reporters, threw down her crutches and sat on the floor, threatening to yell at the managers in public.

After Hwayoung wrote a message to sorry on July 31th, fans are skeptical this singer may have been forced by management company  to write these words. Netizens immediately on an analysis of Hwayoungs tweet and pointed out that the singers written style was different from her usual style. More remarkable is the pairs first four syllables per line tweet, netizens have obtained unexpected message only fans know.

The other equally evidence is a disturbing photo of two girls are walking midnight to be posted on the site T-Jinyo (we demand the truth from T-aragroups protest boycotting Hwayoung of T-ara) in the early morning on August 1st. One of the girls must be Hwayoung, and she was being brought to the office to write the apology. This information is not verified.

In particular, by the morning of August 1st , more than 324,000 individuals joined the T-Jinyo. It seems that the frustration and anger of the fans and netizens around the scandal between T-ara and Hwayoung will not easily sink.