[Spoilers] Movie Review: Deranged (Yeongasi)

[Spoilers] Movie Review: Deranged (Yeongasi)

[Spoilers] Movie Review: ‘Deranged’ (‘Yeongasi’)

Deranged  (Korean title: ‘Yeongasi’)  is a 2012 South Korean science fiction horror thriller film and Korea’s first film on an infectious disease epidemic and has been holding strong in the Korean box office despite the release of billion-dollar blockbuster ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘. ‘Deranged’ headed into select North American theaters last Friday. It is produced by Lim Ji-young and Oz One Film, directed by Park Jung-woo and distributed by CJ EM. It was released on 5 July 2012 and runs at 109 minutes.

Plot Synopsis

A mutated version of the horsehair worm (yeongasi) has spread across South Korea. Horsehair worms are parasites that live inside insects and eventually cause the host insects to jump into water and drown. The mutated horsehair worm infection has proven to have a 100% fatality rate, bringing about a national state of emergency. People across the nation are showing the three main symptoms of infection. First, sudden increase in appetite. Second, no change in weight or appearance although food consumption has increased significantly. Lastly, extreme thirst for a few days prior to death. ‘Deranged’ focuses in on one particular family and how they are involved and affected by this epidemic.

[Spoilers] Movie Review: ‘Deranged’ (‘Yeongasi’)

Actor Kim Myung Min (‘Closer to Heaven‘, ‘Beethoven Virus‘) stars as Jae Hyuk, a former professor who lost all of his fortune in failed stock investments. Jae Hyuk is now a pharmaceutical company salesman who spends most of his time sucking up to rich and arrogant clients. After realizing that his wife and children have been infected, Jae Hyuk lays everything on the line to save his family while they are put into quarantine. Actress Moon Jung Hee (‘Only You‘, ‘A Thousand Days Promise‘) plays the role of Jae Hyuk’s wife, Kyung Soon. The infection causes Kyung Soon to start losing her sanity, but she remains hopeful as she stays strong for her children.

Shinhwa‘s Kim Dongwan (‘The Peak‘, ‘The Person I Love‘) stars as Jae Hyuk’s younger brother, detective Jae Pil. Jae Pil does all that he can to uncover the dirty details behind the cause of the epidemic. Former Miss Korea Lee Honey (‘Hit‘, ‘Pasta‘) plays Yeon Joo, Jae Pil’s fiancee and Jae Hyuk’s school junior. Yeon Joo is a researcher at the National Institute of Health and works at the heart of the emergency task force in which all major decisions are being made.

My Opinion (Note: This reflects the opinions of the author, and not necessarily those of allkpop.)

Many times films touch upon topics or scenarios that are too far-fetched to seem real, but ‘Deranged’ hits home with the idea of a mutated horsehair worm. Horsehair worms and their ability to brainwash the mind of their host insects to jump into water and drown is pretty freaky and surreal as it is. Director Park Jung Woo did an excellent job adapting the frightening infection from insect to human hosts.

The cast was excellent as well. Actor Kim Myung Min didn’t fail to meet expectations as the leading man of the film. He lead viewers through Jae Hyuk’s frustration and desperation as he tries to save his wife and children from their looming death. Dongwan was also a great addition in his supporting role as Jae Hyuk’s brother and main detective on this case.

[Spoilers] Movie Review: ‘Deranged’ (‘Yeongasi’)

In particular, actress Moon Jung Hee took me by surprise. Honestly, I didn’t really know who she was before watching this film. Her portrayal of a mother who is conflicted by the parasite’s urges to drown herself and her desire to take care of her family gave a first-hand look into the mind of an infected patient.

On the other hand, Lee Honey did not give much of a convincing performance. Maybe it’s because my image of Lee Honey as Miss Korea is too strong, but I have yet to be strongly convinced by any of the roles Lee Honey has taken so far. I feel like her acting lacks genuineness and her characters give off the impression that it is an actress playing the role of the character.

Overall, this movie was a well-thought-out thriller movie that leaves you torn by the idea that the horrible happenings in the film could actually play out in real life. I’d recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a good thriller movie to bring some chills down your spine to cool you off from the hot summer heat.

Deranged is the film received much appreciation and expectations from the audiences between films were released and upcoming in the near future. The film brings horror elements, along with horror stories alluring appeal, the choking stressful situations, promises to bring audiences an unforgettable experience.

‘Deranged’ opened with English subtitles in theaters across North America last Friday. The list of cities and theaters are available in our previous post regarding the movie’s release. Note: Los Angeles’ CGV Cinemas‘ release date was postponed to this Friday, August 3rd.


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Additional information including the movie’s original webtoon series is available on the Deranged 2012 website.

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