Simon D spent the entire night supporting Korea in the Olympics. Such a passionate man!

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games is being held in London from 27 July to 12 August 2012, followed by the 2012 Paralympic Games from 29 August to 9 September

Simon D stays up all night supporting Korea in the Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games is being held in London from 27 July to 12 August 2012, followed by the 2012 Paralympic Games from 29 August to 9 September.

Korea is one of 205 nations to take part in the Olympics and Hip hop group ‘s Simon D showed off his pride, as he stayed up all night cheering on the athletes in several categories of the 2012 London Olympics on July 29.

At first, the artist tweeted his support with the encouragement, “Korea fighting!“, “What does it matter what color the medal is? Our country’s athletes are the best, just watch. This is the global stage.”

Simon D continued, “Ah Korea vs. soccer match, woman’s archery finals, I can’t decide. I’ll have to switch between channels. I’m done sleeping for the night. The Olympics can be frustrating sometimes, but why is this so much fun?”  It’s more interesting that his tweets broadcasted live results from the game, showing how enthusiastically he was cheering on the Korean athletes.

After the soccer game, he went on, “We won the soccer match, so now let’s win the table tennis game. Athlete Kim Kyung Ah, fighting!“.

But it doesn’t simply end there. Even later, Simon D keep tweeting, “I can’t sleep. Badminton is just amazing. Athletes Jung Jae Sung and Lee Yong Dae, the two of there are an excellent combination. I’ll have to finish watching this game and then I can sleep.

After watching the badminton combination team enter the semi-finals, he finally went to bed in peace, tweeting, “They won badminton easily, so goodnight everyone, or actually, good morning! I’m out.”

The netizens who watched Simon D’s passionate live broadcast of his reaction to the games also responded, “Our country is doing great! Gold medal in archery, we won soccer, Park Tae Hwan entered the finals, and we even won table tennis“, “Simon D, as expected, is a passionate man“, and “Oppa, you’re so into the Olympics.

Source + Image: TV Daily via Nate

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