Park Han Byul’s Skinny Jeans Show Off Her Skinny Legs, “Crazy Body”

Park Han Byul park han byul skinny legs Park Han Byul shows off her perfect body.  On the 30th Park Han Byul tweeted, "Putting up a 'v' with my new starly clothes

park han skinny legs

Park Han Byul shows off her perfect

On the 30th Park Han Byul tweeted, “Putting up a ‘v’ with my new starly clothes. It’s all about the pictures.” She also posted a photo of herself.

In the photo Park Han Byul is seen wearing a hat, dressed in casual wear. Her pose is completed with her held up “v.” Especially noticeable were her trademark ‘crane legs.’

Internet users commented, “No matter how she takes photos, she always looks good,” and, “Her legs are too skinny.” They also wrote, “I wish I could have her body for just one day.”

Recently Park Han Byul starred in a movie, “Two Moons,” which was released on the 12th. She plays the role of Sohee, a horror story novelist. 

park han byul starly
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