'Beatles Code' Super Junior Eunhyuk,

'Beatles Code' Super Junior Eunhyuk, "I Asked Leeteuk Why He Hit Me and He Said It was Because of My Gum"

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eunhyukEunhyuk revealed, "I think it's because of my extremely pink gum that Leeteuk hit me."

In cable Mnet "Beatles Code 2" aired on the 30th, Super Junior and Firetruck's episode continued.

When the fight of Super Junior members was brought up again, Eunhyuk retold the story. Yoo Sang Moo asked, "Did you ever ask him why he hit you?", and Eunhyuk said, "He said it's because my mouth gum was showing, and he didn't like it."

The guests of the show then asked, "Doesn't that mean he has to hit your mouth? He should have lifted up your lip and only slapped your gum."

Eunhyuk revealed that it was because when he smiles, his gum shows, which makes him look like he's laughing very hard.

Jung Won Kwan then said, "If you're that skinny you're not that easy to hit", but Yesung said "If the younger ones are at fault, they deserve to be hit."

Photo Credits: Mnet