T-ARA’s Bullying Issues is Because of the Number of Members?

K-Pop, T-ARA, Hwayoung, Core Contents Media The rumor related to T-ARA Hwayoung is centered around the individual personality. However, the origin of the whole event started from the company representative's motives

K-Pop, , Hwayoung, Core Contents Media

T-ARA's Bullying Issues is Because of the Number of Members?

The rumor related to T-ARA Hwayoung is centered around the individual personality. However, the origin of the whole event started from the company representative’s motives. The only solution to actually get to the bottom of this problem is to look at the bigger of the situation and the background. The issue is not only just a sympathy for a small rumor, but it’s related to the move in the general popular culture system.

To begin with, there are too many number of the members in the girl group. It sounds absurd but it has a very close relationship to what has happened regarding T-ARA. This doesn’t mean that there’s a whole lot of members compared to the groups from the , but it can’t be denied that the number of the members increased. T-ARA alone has ninteen staffs and eight members, leading up to thirty in total.

This leads up to an obvious conflict since it is inevitable for a big group to have some kind of trouble. The more members there are, the likelihood of having conflict increases.

Because of the big group, there is no space for anyone to actually build up a strong trust and frienship within each other. The small bands have individual attentions. When the musical taste or values consistantly match, the band is formed. However, the girl group is different. The group is usually formed by the entertaiment company, kind of as a product to show.

Accordingly, the company care less about what is going to happen to each individual members. The group is just a tool to begin with, and a circus bear to earn a profit. The point here is that the concept of  ‘team work’ is build upon to profit the business. 

If the group has increasing number of members, then the conflict will raise as well. The problem of bullying is the same. The case of bullying often occurs within people who are ajoined with business purposes. There are many cases that arise from the relationship of people who doesn’t have natural, common purpose.

Also, the schedule of the girl group is very tightly formed. Only reason that they can manage all the harsh schedule is beause they are . This naturally leads for members to ruin their health. If there is a basic trust between the members, any one being abscent on the stage would be understood but if not, the tension between the members will only grow bigger. 

While someone is resting, other people has to work harder. It’s like a military system. More you stress your own opinion, the more you become egocentric. You just have to be deligent and stand by what other people say, because that’s the only way to make a profit for the company. 

Also, only reason that there is a lot of member is to increase the profit. This already happened between the members of TVXQ and . It provokes the conflict that can happen. 

T-ARA’s drop out of Hwayoung is not only centered around individual problems and bullying. It arised from the mind set of the company that stresses the importance of profit more than the maning of producing good music. They only aimed for the chance to earn a lot of profit all at once. 

This can’t be just a simple obstacle that artists have to overcome to be a star. It might be meaningless since the concept of girl group is always inconsistant and unstable. It would be best for T-ARA’s members to work hard before each of the members start to scatter away, being actresses. The real victim of the case here are the .

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