Wonder Girls Looks Like a Dolls In Group Photo Posted By Hyerim

Wonde Girls, yoobin, Sohee, Yeeun, Sun Ye, Hyerim On July 31, Wonder Girls Hyerim uploaded a photo on her Twitter with a comment "Polaroid 1

Wonde Girls, yoobin, Sohee, Yeeun, , Hyerim

Wonder Girls Looks Like a Dolls In Group Photo Posted By Hyerim

On July 31, Hyerim uploaded a photo on her Twitter with a comment “Polaroid 1.”

In the uploaded photo, Wonder Girls members lined up and looking at the . They are all wearing short one-piece, showing off their long legs. Sohee is posing victory with both hands and showed off her white skin, closing her eyes. Yubin and Yeeun are also smiling, posing cute. Hyerim and Sunye is posing like a model with their beautiful appearance.

The who saw the photo replied “Wonder Girls shine more when they are together,” “Sohee closed her eyes again,” “So cute,” and “They all have each seperate charm.”

Photo Credit: Hyerim Twitter

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