Lee Min Ho Olympics Parody

Lee Min Ho Olympics Parody "Gold Medalist in 12 Sports" Receiving Much Love

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lee min hoActor Lee Min Ho is a national player for London Olympics?

Recently, a parody collage of actor Lee Min Ho for the London Olympics was posted on the website for SBS drama "The Faith." The parody was made by fans, but it looked very realistic, bringing much laughter.

In the photo, Lee Min Ho can be seen playing 12 different sports, including soccer, swim, wrestling, horse riding, and archery. What's more is that the pictures are not completely edited. The pictures were of Lee Min Ho actually playing those different sports, in various different dramas from the past few years.

Fans who saw this commented, "I can't believe Lee Min Ho played so many different sports in so many dramas" and "Gold medalist?."

Photo Credit: SBS