“Faith” Seong Hoon white hair and flute, mysterious and chic

Rookie actor Seong Hoon is eye-catching with his mysterious visual. Seong Hoon takes on the role of Cheon Eum-ja in the new SBS drama "Faith"

Rookie actor Seong Hoon is eye-catching with his mysterious visual.

Seong Hoon takes on the role of Cheon Eum-ja in the new SBS “Faith”. He uses the sound wave of his flute to kill people and he is oblivious to anything that happens in the world and only cares for his flute and brother and sister Ki-cheol (Yoo Oh-seong) and Hwa Soo-in (Sin Eun-jeong).

In the third revealed on this day, Seong Hoon is blowing the flute in white hair and he looks like a character from a fantasy movie. In reality, he lost 5 kg for this movie and learnt to play the flute from master of traditional music Han Chung-eun.

Seong Hoon said, “Cheon Eum-ja cares more for animals than people. So he is oblivious to people and doesn’t fear death. Cheon Eum-ja doesn’t show his emotions and is a very mysterious character whose intentions you’ll never know”.

Meanwhile, “Faith” is a fantasy action romance drama about the romance between ancient warrior Choi Yeong (Lee Min-ho) and modern day doctor Eun-soo (-seon) and the process of creating true king.

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