T-ARA Japan Staff, ‘Hwayoung was quiet’, Japan Fan’s Reaction? ‘Sympathy’

T-ARA, Hwayoung T-ARA Japan Staff, 'Hwayoung was quiet', Japan Fan's Reaction? 'Sympathy' T-ARA's agency CEO Kim Kwang Soo's announcement of member Hwayoung's withdrawal has surprised many people

, Hwayoung

T-ARA Japan Staff, 'Hwayoung was quiet', Japan Fan's Reaction? 'Sympathy'  T-ARA Staff, 'Hwayoung was quiet', Fan's Reaction? 'Sympathy'

T-ARA’s agency CEO Kim Kwang Soo’s announcement of member Hwayoung’s withdrawal has surprised many people. Japan has especially shown interest in this topic. Many Japan officials and have stated their opinions on this matter. In particular, a Japan who helped translate for T-ARA at a magazine shoot, posted their thoughts on the group.

The official wrote, “When I worked as a translator for T-ARA while they were in Japan, Hwayoung was noticeably quieter than the rest of the group. She was only focused on doing her work. However, she always had a smiling face to the staff members. She was the member that I thought had the best impression on me. I heard that she was a new member so I tried to make her comfortable. Sadly, members who are loud and strong usually make it in the industry rather than the nice and quiet members. Many Japan fans who read this message retweeted this post, sympathizing for Hwayoung.

This Hwayoung and T-ARA issue has been gaining just as much attention in Japan with many reporters and news broadcasts talking about the issue.

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